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Lisa Metzger is pregnant again...


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...after several miscarriages and almost bleeding to death on one or two occasions (may be more, forgive my ignorance).

She also posted this gem on the family's Facebook page (Metzger Nation) with the ultrasound image:

''This is our almost 9 week old little sweetie waving hello! I went to get a quick ultrasound on the mobile medical unit at the abortion mill today. When I arrived, I ended up counseling a couple that had chosen life a few weeks earlier. I shared the gospel with them. The mama was admittedly concerned that she would indeed go to hell if she died, but yet quickly dismissed her concern and quickly grew cold to the conversation. So sad. But at least the child was saved from death! Pray for that mama's conviction and salvation (...)''

She also talks about how God would not make the mistake of sending a woman more children to bear:

''****Comment: Many a mother has been laid to an early grave because her health was poor and she kept taxing it with pregnancies.

****Response: If that is true, then God failed these women by sending them too many babies. How could the maker and taker of life make a mistake like that? I just don't understand how one can fail to see the sovereignty of God when claiming that these women, who were blessed with God's ETERNAL blessings of children, were "sent to early graves" due to God's mistakes in creating lives and/or the women's failure in preventing them. Biblically, I just don't see the reasoning behind this (...)''

I sincerely hope she will be there to see her kids grow up, she sounds almost eager to become a 'womb martyr'.

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It seems kind of weird that she went for an ultrasound at somewhere she considers an "abortion mill"

I wasn't sure what she meant by that - taking advantage of services provided by the 'evil' people or a mobile ultrasound unit her pro-life ministry parks near the clinic (for a quick tour of your uterus to change your mind, obviously)?

This lady scares me more than any other self-righteous fundie mama blogger out there.

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Can someone remind me who this woman is.

I myself came across her when I was doing some research about anti-choice protests. In addition to her many kids (she likes pointing out which ones were adopted in her blog) she had THIRTEEN miscarriages, almost died during one. Still she is unapologetically anti-birth control and anti-choice. She homeschools, makes the older kids teach the younger ones (who needs a teaching degree, right?) and her poor oldest daughter is a full time sister-mom.

There are many things to discuss about her but what shocked me the most is that she likes taking her small kids to picket abortion clinics - it is quite disturbing to see a two year old repeating the anti-choice agenda on the mic and holding gruesome signs.

My favourite gems from her were:

- a mouse jamming the paper in her printer when she was in a hurry to go to a clinic protest - she said it was the work of Satan.

- her claiming that there ARE cases of tubal pregnancies that were carried to full term (?!)

Her blog is titled A 2nd Generation of Homeschooling (still did not learn how to break a link!).

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