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Article on the Duggars - Misogyny

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Now that's the kind of article I want to see in the media! Not "Married couple had sex, says fictional person". I hope this sort of criticism gets more notice.

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Makes me think of women who are controlled by Taliban.

No education and kept covered and used for a man's pleasure and kept out of the way.

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Coffee Addict

This is a decent article. I wish that this article had been skipped and linked straight to Dan Savage's article. Maybe it's because I'm a The Stranger reading, Dan Savage loving, Seattlite, but I think that the linked article is unnecessary fodder when the main article could have been linked to. Dan Savage may be hated by many, but he does speak to the misogyny of the Duggars.

I get so tired of people saying they are "good" people. They abuse women. They treat their children slightly better than the dogs that they may or may not have. They are scum. They work so hard saying that they are victimized, all while working very hard to take away the rights of the masses.

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I actually hadn't read Dan Savage's original article until you commented, CoffeeAddict, because I had no real sense of who he was or what might be different about his article from the one Pickles had linked. I did like his article much more because it was from a more personal perspective - someone that the Duggars actively try to oppress for religious reasons but who is attacked for making any comment on them whatsoever, even one much milder than what they hear from other sources every day. Very interesting reading and he made clearer points than the article I read, imho. Unfortunately I think because of the whole "fuckfirst" thing, it's too vulgar/sexual for most people to share the original, even if it deserves the attention. When the Duggars and their ilk speak of the issue, they occasionally use the word 'sex' but typically phrase it as 'waiting'. The meaning is clear but not considered impolite. Unfortunately, even though I agree with everything he's said, I think the way he talks about these things prevents his writing from getting as much attention. I'd share it on my own facebook if I didn't worry that my grandparents/aunts/uncles/parents' friends would confront my parents about my scandalous online behavior. I don't think he should be censored nor do I personally have a problem with his approach, but I expect that the article that reacts to his will probably get more attention and hits than his for that reason.

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Thanks for sharing, this is a good article that outlines some of what is objectionable about the Duggars.

While the slew of Duggar weddings and babies have given us something more to talk about than just dentist appointments it's given the Duggars significantly more mainstream media attention and I think most people just look at the pretty dress and growing baby bump and think the Duggars are cute and quirky. I think these weddings have been very good for the Duggar brand - and that is really worrying.

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