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Hellena launches her ebook


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I don't blame women for caring about their "birth experience", but you can't be too extreme in either direction. I wouldn't want to be given medicine to speed up labor just because it's more convenient and gets me "in and out" faster, and I also wouldn't want a doctor putting his hands inside me without asking. I feel like I could just intimidate them enough to get them to do what I want, but many women wouldn't feel comfortable having to fight for their rights while giving birth.

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Isn't she one of those champions of the mother's "birth experience" defining success instead of, you know, having a baby at the end of the process?

Yes she is. And on top of that she is misleading and neglectful because she does not properly inform some of these women of the risks involved so they can't make a fully informed decision.

The coroner's findings in the South Australian cases are heart breaking. Barrett has no respect for the law at all. She seems to truly believe that she is entitled to do whatever she pleases because "personal choice" over rides the law. She is deregistered and sees this as just a piece of paper and a formality and keeps going anyway. Can you imagine if any other type of medical practitioner tried this? Surgery at home anyone?

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