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traditional Christian values cause more domestic violence de


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This really brings to light how the duggers views on woman kill them. all the states that make law based on traditional views on woman have a far higher death rates of woman do to domestic violence. can't belt the woman get way from the men can't discard them.

http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/20 ... src=fol_tw

uesday evening, the Charleston Post and Courier released a massive seven-part series on South Carolina’s failure to take domestic violence seriously—a failure that has resulted in the state leading the nation in the murder rate of women at the hands of men (currently the best measure we have for domestic homicide). The series, titled “Till Death Do Us Part,†is the result of interviewing “more than 100 victims, counselors, police, prosecutors and judges†to create a multimedia story chronicling the failures of legislators, law enforcement, social services, and even churches to do enough to fight the problem of domestic violence. Journalists Doug Pardue, Glenn Smith, Jennifer Berry Hawes, and Natalie Caula Hauff unflinchingly place much of the blame on South Carolina culture: heavily conservative values about marriage and gender roles, as well as an enthusiasm for guns that makes it nearly impossible to get them out of the hands of men who want to kill women.

Amanda Marcotte is a Brooklyn-based writer and DoubleX contributor. She also writes regularly for the Daily Beast, AlterNet, and USA Today. Follow her on Twitter.

South Carolina, they write, is a state “where men have long dominated the halls of power, setting an agenda that clings to tradition and conservative Christian tenets about the subservient role of women,†leading to “a tolerance of domestic violence.†Even though research shows that the murder rate from domestic violence “declines three months†after a couple has been kept apart and “drops sharply after a year’s time,†power players in the state frequently prioritize keeping couples together over victims’ safety.

For instance, the Post and Courier interviewed state House Minority Leader J. Todd Rutherford, a Democrat, about his refusal to support any bills increasing the maximum penalty for a first-time domestic violence offense, which is currently 30 days in jail. (The maximum penalty for beating a dog, the Post and Courier notes, is five years.) Rutherford “said such laws fail to take into account that many cases involve families that might be preserved,†arguing that women frequently drop the charges because they “realize the destructive consequences for the whole family.†Never mind that the belief that women are supposed to move heaven and earth to make their marriages work causes victims to stick by men they know are dangerous.

The Post and Courier found plenty of Republicans who were just as quick to look to platitudes about family and faith in order to avoid the realities of what domestic violence victims need to survive. State Sen. Tom Corbin, when justifying his resistance to any laws that would make it easier to keep guns out of the hands of abusers, said, “There needs to be a lot more love for Jesus in the world, and I think that would curb a lot of violence.â€

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A) It is unlawful to:

(1) cause physical harm or injury to a person's own household member; or

(2) offer or attempt to cause physical harm or injury to a person's own household member with apparent present ability under circumstances reasonably creating fear of imminent peril.

(B) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a person who violates the provisions of subsection (A) is guilty of the offense of criminal domestic violence and, upon conviction, must be punished as follows:

(1) for a first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and must be fined not less than one thousand dollars nor more than two thousand five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days. The court may suspend the imposition or execution of all or part of the fine conditioned upon the offender completing, to the satisfaction of the court, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 16-25-20(H), a program designed to treat batterers. Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 22-3-540, 22-3-545, and 22-3-550, an offense pursuant to the provisions of this subsection must be tried in summary court;

(2) for a second offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor and must be fined not less than two thousand five hundred dollars nor more than five thousand dollars and imprisoned not less than a mandatory minimum of thirty days nor more than one year. The court may suspend the imposition or execution of all or part of the sentence, except the thirty-day mandatory minimum sentence, conditioned upon the offender completing, to the satisfaction of the court, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 16-25-20(H), a program designed to treat batterers. If a person is sentenced to a mandatory minimum of thirty days pursuant to the provisions of this subsection, the judge may provide that the sentence be served two days during the week or on weekends until the sentence is completed and is eligible for early release based on credits he is able to earn during the service of his sentence, including, but not limited to, good-time credits;

(3) for a third or subsequent offense, the person is guilty of a felony and must be imprisoned not less than a mandatory minimum of one year but not more than five years.

COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina once again has been ranked the worst in the nation when it comes to men killing women.

The state’s rate of females murdered by males of 2.54 per 100,000 was more than double the national average, according to a report released Tuesday by the Violence Policy Center in Washington. The ranking was based on 2011 crime data that showed 61 women in South Carolina were reported killed at the hands of men.

The ranking brought another round of outrage and vows for a renewed push to change the trend.

One idea offered by S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson is changing a law that puts a cap on the size of a bond that magistrate judges can set for criminal domestic violence suspects.

Bail bonds already are an issue in Richland County after The State newspaper reported cases in which men who were released to await trials for violent crimes were re-arrested on murder charges.

In South Carolina, the maximum bond for a first-time criminal domestic violence arrest is $5,000, Wilson said. That means a man arrested for beating his wife can get out of jail for $500 or less, Wilson said.

If the Legislature would raise the cap on the maximum bond allowed, it would keep people in jail longer, giving them a “cooling-off period,†Wilson said.

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The very small hand smacks (because those penalties are little more than hand smacks) designated by that law for those crimes are abominable.

Wow. Just wow.

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