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Joan of Snarc

Has anybody used any software besides Family Tree Maker?


I purchased FTM 2014 when I got a new laptop a couple weeks ago and it wouldn't open and their patch wouldn't work. Ancestry's customer service people were absolutely useless and pissed me off to no end. Is "the s/w would never open and patch failed" difficult to understand or something? Anyway, I finally just got my money back. I'm *this close* to cancelling my entire ancestry subscription. I've got no patience for incompetence.


I've used FTM since '97 and this will be my first foray with something different. Any suggestions?

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All I've used is FTM, but I'm still using 2012.

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I have used RootsMagic. They have a free version and a paid version with a few more features. You can try Legacy Family Tree. It has a free and paid version as well. RootsMagic has an Android app available for free just like Ancestry does, but I much prefer FTM and the Ancestry app.

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