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Kristina of Keepsakes pregnant and due #4 in March


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9 minutes ago, singsingsing said:

Life's too short to be resurrecting threads from 2014 on an internet forum just so you can call the mean ladies cuntfaces.

I deny mean, unless someone has earned a slap down. I'm not sure I am a lady; I prefer to be called a woman.   However, I cannot speak for my face although I prefer vulva, vagina, or lady bits, as a descriptor.

But whenever I am insulted I consider the source, and an insult from this particular troll I will definitely take as a huge compliment.  I must have kicked her hard in the lady bits at some point.  :)

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And apparently REALLY OLD TROLLS want to resurrect threads,  For kicks,

I hope Kristina is still doing well.  And still in Fundie Recovery Mode,

Last time I checked, her older kids were in public school and she was surviving nicely.  Go Kristina!  Best wishes to you,

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Haha mocked for my divorce.  So clever.  So wonderful.  

I too wish Kristina nothing but the best.  She had a lot to overcome and I know that is hard.


and I’m trying most days to save my snarking for those who really deserve it.  But whatever, yeah I’m divorced, didn’t see it coming, it sucked, but I also never had a problem with divorce.  I always viewed it as a compassionate path in marriage.



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So this bothers me and I know the reason it bothers me is that I can be cutting and mean.  Personally I’m not a fan of cuntface as an insult, but certainly I have typed things that deserve to be called out.

Aside from a mean snark about a crappy side pony a few weeks ago I have tried to be immensely kind since coming back.  Mostly a lot of the families falling apart has made me sad.  But I stand by the toxic influence of courtship culture.  When I divorced, I had a long standing career.  I was able to go out and find a new place to live, furnish it, have the money to deal with all the shit divorce brings.  Courtship culture taught you would avoid my situation if you simply obeyed this set of rules.  That isn’t how life works.  That culture and belief in a prescriptive ruleset leading to a defined outcome made it acceptable to handicap their daughters (and sons, but women bore the brunt of it) so when life happens like to this family, or Kelly Bradrick, or whomever, it’s really hard to recover from.

I had a whole bunch of things I didn’t even have to worry about even while dealing with many of the things young marriages have to struggle with.  I can’t imagine how hard it is to have these situations happen.  And I still think it’s ok to have a reasonable level of anger towards the parents who did this.

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