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Alyssa & John's wedding to air on ABC

3 ring circus

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On Saturday, July 12th at 10pm EST.

I'll be taping it. I find it very interesting that her wedding is going to air on a major network and the Duggar's only have their weddings on TLC. I bet Boob is just :pull-hair: over this whole thing. You know he thinks he's superior to all of fundie land.

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Wow- thanks for the heads up! I had to crack up when I went to DVR it and saw the show before is called "Mistresses". I bet a few fundies will just blush with embarassment if they hook up their rabbit ears a little early....

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It might be available to view online- it was on NightLine Prime as, "My ExtraOrdinary Family". The episode featured the Bates- some older footage that ABC took 3 years ago and then a bit about Alyssa's wedding and how she is moving away from TN. I thought it was interesting that ABC didn't make a big thing of the whole courting rules, but more focused on the family dynamics.

The two other stories on the episode were about competition cheerleading and mama's boys who still live at home in their forties.

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I was very disappointed in this "special". Most of the footage was stuff they aired previously. there was only a small blurb on the wedding. I thought the whole hour was going to be devoted to the family and their wedding. I wish it would have aired on 19 kids & counting, at least we'd have seen more.

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