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Serious question: what is up with Kidist?

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Queen Rania of Jordan seems to think Hummus is pretty special. My family all agree and choose Arabic and Middle Eastern food any day over French and Italian. As for difficulty, I make French and Italian all the time. I can even do a half decent croissant. What I can't make is a good baklava! So delicious but just won't work for me. I buy it from the local Turkish shop instead.

As for Kidist, mental illness in various forms is common in refugees. Counselling is pretty routine now although often it is too late. When Kidist was a child it is rare to non existent. Now, she would never admit that there was anything wrong so would never seek help. It is very sad for her and dangerous for those around her.


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Whatever happened to her? She had the book project, two or three blogs, and was on Facebook, but she seems to have disappeared.

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Black Aliss

The only effect Kidist's and Stinking Lousewife's rants had on me was to give me a craving for banh mi, so I'm off to one of our local eateries with, yes, a gaudy by bourgeois standards storefront. And to leave me chuckling over the fact that Kidist is so ignorant she's never heard of either Hakka Asians or ethnic Muslim Chinese.

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crimes against punctuation

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