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Kelly has posted pic's of Alyssa's showers (3).


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The showers look like they were nicer than the wedding... :whistle: Some of the FL hostesses are wearing pants/shorts! :pink-shock:


I like the cake tied with a red bow. Kelly also said they are home in Florida now.

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The red and white cakes are beautiful, they look like they came from a real bakery. Whoever planned the showers should have planned the weeding. The food at the showers looked better than the food at Erin or Zach's wedding, whoever's wedding had the turkey roll things.

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I love that Kelly shares so much about what is going on with her kids. It's nice to see all the pictures- those hostesses put a lot of time and energy into those showers.

I think the Bates kids will do much better in life than a lot of other fundie kids. I just see a tenacity in them where others have blank stares.

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