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Kidist possessed by ancient Roman deity

Anny Nym

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I guess, they must serve some preeeetty bad moonshiner at the shady bars of the Olymp to get Dionysus to slip into Kidist :mrgreen:

But on the other hand, he ´s the God of ritual madness too, so probably fitting....

A curious question though:

Anyone ever heard of a restaurant where they would switch waiters/waitresses just because the guest acts like an asshat and doesn´t like said waitresses´ looks?

I personally have a very hard time imagine such a scenario in ANY place of the .... galaxy! :wtf:

Kidist is completely bonkers, but Dionysus is not a Roman deity, he is Greek.

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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I just can't get past her glowing review of a wine that is on par with Arbor Mist. She claims to be some beauty expert but she seeks out everything that is mediocre and bland.

Oh, and she's a fucking racist. How is it possible she has never experienced any kind of racism - really you think if anything she would be empathetic just from looking in the mirror every day.

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I say go ahead and take the risk 8-) . Franzia might not be the classiest of the box wines, but it makes an amazing Sangria. And there's nothing wrong with plonk, I have learned to appreciate wines in all price ranges. Is Franzia the one that's not actually wine but "grape beverage?" Or is that a different plonk?

I always read Kidist's posts by translating them to a normal person's point of view. Any other blogger would have commented on how nice the server was to offer a sample of a their new red wine. And if for some reason they were not a fan of red wine (does such person exist?) she could have politely declined. Kudos to the restaurant to not subjecting their waitstaff to her hate - there are cases where the customer is wrong and this is one.

I think Franzia is technically wine still, or at least more wine than something like Arbor Mist. I admit I still sort of lie, Franzia under certain circumstances (and I say that as a person who is drinking a Gran Reserva Rioja as I type this - I'm no expert but I at least have some palate to speak of). They make a rosé that's actually kind of refreshing, and it brings back happy drunken college memories from when I was too poor to afford anything better.

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Wait. Is this (http://wellpatterned.blogspot.de) her? I was in no way expecting someone who isn't Caucasian to harp on 'original white culture'. I need to look at more of her topics. Good thing tomorrow is a holiday here, it's already midnight and I'm just now going down the rabbit hole.

"Well patterned" is Kidist's design blog where she posts her textile and website designs (which are not well patterned in my humble opinion).

But...but...Kidist IS Caucasian. You see, she's not like the Negroid Africans. Her ethnic group, the Amhara are special because they are of Caucasoid derivation, which makes it okay for her to hate on black people because she's not one!

Educate yourself: reclaimbeauty.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-amhara.html

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Good lord, I'd love to see her come down to Niagara and go winery hopping; I'd love to see what kind of airs she puts on.

(I'll have to ask a friend of mine who is a local winery manager--including restaurant--how she'd deal/expect staff to deal with a customer asking only for "caucasian waitstaff", too. I know what she'd be thinking but I'm curious to know what she'd actually say to said customer. ;) )

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