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Six Homeschooled Brothers Sexually Abuse Sister


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http://www.nydailynews.com/news/nationa ... -1.1790798

I don't know where to put this so please forgive me if this should go in another forum. Good for the pastor for encouraging the oldest brother go go to the police about the abuse of his younger sister.

Somewhere(and I am looking for it now) I read another article that stated that the family kept to themselves.

"Six grown brothers and their parents have been arrested in North Carolina and charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing a child over a 10-year period.

The arrests came more than a year after the eldest brother came forward and confessed at the urging of his church elder.

“He sinned seriously. It was an evil that needed to be exposed,†Dan Horn of Hope Baptist Church in Wake Forest, N.C., told the Virginia Pilot.

Eric Jackson, 27, the man who had confessed, and his five brothers — Jon, 25, Matthew, 23, Nathaniel, 21, Benjamin, 19, and Aaron, 18 — were arrested last week after they surrendered to Perquimans County Sheriff's deputies on charges they molested and raped a girl from the time she was 4 until she was about 14, Sheriff Eric Tilley told the newspaper."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/nationa ... z32AU93NZz

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I found another article that went into a bit more detail

http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/20 ... php?page=4

"According to Virginia's WAVY-TV, the Jackson brothers, who range in age from nineteen to 27, were home schooled and don't have much education. Moreover, the family is described as a group of loners who've turned their once-beautiful Perquimans County property into a pig sty. However, they clearly took their religion seriously. Note that Eric, a professional piano tuner, named his business Redeeming the Tune."

Again,the pastor did the right thing and deserves some praise

"By year's end, Eric had gotten up the courage to come clean, Horn says. But he didn't go to authorities on his own. After a couple of counseling sessions, Horn phoned the local Perquimans County Sheriff's Office on his own and eventually accompanied Eric to meet with investigators. There, Eric repeated his confession to law enforcers."

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Whoops. Sorry. I didn't look to see if a thread had been already posted on this issue. I can only plead my own stupidity as I should have known better. Hopefully, the moderators will either erase this thread or combine it with the other one. :embarrassed:

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