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All things polygamy

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I figured I would start a polygamy thread with a few random polygamy updates, instead of trying to slot them into old sister wives or polygamy USA threads where they don't belong. I was going to call it "Polygamy Roundup" but I couldn't, as polygamists are actually rounded up at times and that would be confusing.


First, the blog politicsrusprinciple.tumblr.com/ is the best polygamy news resource. From there I have learned that Lifetime is making a movie about Warren Jeffs, starring Scandal actor Tony Goldwyn.

vulture.com/2014/03/scandal-tony-goldwyn-warren-jeffs.html which comes out June 28.


Also, it was reported that Rose Marie Cawley, Polygamy USA fan favorite (facebook.com/rosemarie.cawley), is now married, as is Connie from Breaking the Faith. I think Connie married her boyfriend from the TV show but I don't know who Rose Marie married. Remember, she went to the elders to let them pick a husband for her.


I suppose I could go through her FB friends list and maybe someone has a picture, but I doubt it as they are a secretive bunch.


There is a youtube channel run by ex FLDS that is a wealth of information


which has polygamy hair tutorials (awesome!) and clips of old FLDS musical productions. For example, the town put on The Sound of Music. They also have FLDS propaganda videos.


In other polygamy news, Kenya just legalized polygamy (being gay is still illegal) and a lesbian married triad is expecting a baby nydailynews.com/news/national/married-lesbian-trio-massachusetts-expecting-child-article-1.1765862


There was also a landmark FLDS child custody case where a member was excommunicated, his wives and children taken away, and he went to court and won custody



and Texas has officially seized the Yearning for Zion Ranch


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Oh yeah and Polygamy USA was not picked up for a second season.

Oh what a shame. It was one of the few reality TV shows I actually enjoyed watching-- not just reading a recap. I wonder why they didn't renew it. Good news about Rose Marie but what about the rest of them? What about Hyrum and his new bride, how are they doing and will he marry a second wife do you think?

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Oh yeah and Polygamy USA was not picked up for a second season.

The YouTube videos were pretty awesome! The FLDS version of The Sound Of Music is not to be missed...

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I guess I would post this here.

Here is a recent pic of Rose Marie, from Polygamy USA, and her husband. She looks good with her hair down!




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How does one spend ones Thursday evening? Drinking mimosas, eating Doritos, & watching YouTube FLDS Production hair style videos! 

Say what you will about the lifestyle, at least those girls got that good hair.....

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