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The Sweater


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I was a newly wed, my husband wanted me to knit him a sweater. I'd never knit a sweater but I'd done hats, scarves, socks, and afghans. So he picked out the yard and pattern. It was a very plain sweater, stockinette with raglan sleeves. The sweater turned out beautiful, the raglan sleeves sleeves looked great. He went to put it on, ooops……………………………….the neck was a tad small. It would have been tight on a newborn baby. Oh well, I tried. That was 44 years ago, and just a few weeks ago he asked me if I remembered that sweater. Like I could forget.

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This reminds me of the shirt I made my ex-fiance, the guy I was engaged to while in college. I had been a sewer for a few years by then and this was the first time I did a men's shirt versus the many blouses I did for myself. Little did I realize that buttonholes and buttons are the reverse on men's shirts compared to women's. Though the pattern instructions showed the buttonhole / button placement, I skipped over that figuring that I knew that anyway. It wasn't until he put it on for the first time, he realized I reversed things. Then he told me and I checked the instructions...sure enough.

Believe it or not I made the same mistake making a shirt for my husband a couple of years ago. :embarrassed:

Oops, I did it again.

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