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I have been trying to look for a list of "Character First" cities so that we can get a better picture of how far Bill Gothard has been able to penetrate civil government with his 49 chracter traits and programs. No matter wheat I type in, I get diercted to a website for Strata Leadership. It is not easy to get past the surface of the website. Does anyone have any information about this layer that is over top of Character First?

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I know that, maybe a year or so ago, I was able to search on the internet and find a list of "Character Cities".

Guess some internet scrubbing may have been going on.

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Still digging on the Cult Education site, but I did find few things that might be of interest. The first was an article on the Cult Education site about the Character Cities program http://www.culteducation.com/group/954- ... acter.html I did a google search, based on what I read on that page for the International Association of Character Cities. I did not find a site that covered the whole organization, but did find sites for particular cities (like Cincy) or regions. When I tried to go to Cincinnati's page, Safari couldn't open it. It seemed to be down. One of the other pages I found was this: http://wikiality.wikia.com/The_Internat ... ter_Cities You will immediately notice that it was done by Stephen Colbert. You may notice that under Categories near the bottom of the page is "Things that make Baby Jesus happy". There was one link that may be useful. http://www.salon.com/2008/09/18/palin_iacc/

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Thanks for looking. I remember looking for a list of charcater cities about a year or so ago and being able to get a list. Strata Leadership LLC seems to be a new layer of protection. It is interesting.

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