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Back into writing after hiatus


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From the ages of about 11-18, I wrote like a demon - plays, short stories, fanfiction, poetry, you name it. It was pretty raw, but looking back, some it was actually good. In college I had less time, but would go through sporadic periods of writing. Last year I was hit by depression and stopped writing entirely, especially since a failed project was very much tied to the problem. Only lately have I been able to start up again, with a couple of articles and a novel in the works. Now, it's like I've totally lost my confidence. Everything I write sounds stupid, and I can't produce more than a couple of sentences at a time, though I'm still getting lots of interesting ideas. Any advice for getting back into the habit, and working past the "stupid" feeling?

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happy atheist

Just write. Don't worry about the quality, at least not right now. Get back into using that part of your brain, without being critical. It might take a while for your brain to remember how you used to do it, so think of this early stuff as warming up, or stretching. The good stuff comes later.

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Ariel Gore from Hipmama offers online classes that are very supportive, with a lot of constructive criticism. There are weekly assignments, so that gets you writing on a regular basis. Having to churn stuff out, you know it's not all going to be brilliant.

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I would really like to know how many FJ'ers have their own blogs! Writting our opinions is something we all have in common

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      Does anyone have a success story for repelling insects away from your home?
      Last year we moved to a new home that is next to a forested area. It's a gorgeous community, and I knew going in that insects and just nature in general would be more a part of daily life. So when lady bugs and tiny little ants and such make their way into our home, it's not a big deal. They mostly just stay by the windows from where they came in and don't venture further in. I figure putting up with it is just part of living here. 
      However, the problem comes when a wasp or bee finds its way in, or big gigantic ants. And they wander farther into the home. I'm especially concerned once we get a dog (I've had dogs before, and they've all loved chasing bugs around and trying - sometimes successfully - to gobble them up!). I honestly don't know why they try to come inside. We are clean and don't leave food/crumbs around (we have a robo vaccuum that goes every morning). We don't have water sitting out (but we will once we have a dog! another concern...). Maybe it's the temperature? I feel bad because if they don't get squished, they just run out of food and water and die. Sometimes I talk to them like a human, beinng them to go back outside where there's plenty of plants and water and they can live! LOL!

      My fiance got traps a few weeks back and I felt SO bad. I don't WANT them to die, and neither does fiance either, but I don't think he knew what else to do. But they didn't even work. So I'm wondering if anyone has some good tips, advice, or suggestions on non-toxic ways to repel these little creatures? Not only for my own sake, but for theirs. I wish they could understand that they will just wither away once they get inside. I've heard of putting mint or specific flowers near windows, but I wonder if that really works? And I'm sure it simply attracts other types of wildlife....

      Anyways, I'd appreciate any help!
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    • Destiny


      I survived ... Ish. I'm all moved again, another 1500 miles from where the cats and I were living before. I'm in the new apartment, and kitties are adjusting well. I've only cried 6 times since Saturday! #progress.
      By the way, sorry about the summer logo swap taking its sweet time. Real life was a little too much and it got forgotten. 
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    • HermioneSparrow


      Please pray for me as I'm battling covid and not doing so well. 
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    • WhatWouldJohnCrichtonDo?


      A happy summer solstice to all northern hemisphere FJers! And a happy winter solstice to all southern hemisphere FJers! (I know it's already Monday is Australia, so I'm late for most of you.)

      ETA--Oh! I just checked, and the winter solstice is at 1:31 PM on Monday, June 21 in Eastern Australia Time. So, for once the time zones worked in my favor. I'm not late!
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      I'm so angry at the Bishops right now. Shit like this is why I left the Catholic church. They play politics so blatantly.  I hope this convinces more people to leave. 
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    • Destiny


      I’m okay. I can do this. 
      (I’m not okay.)
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    • Destiny


      I have an extremely stressful weekend coming up. If you can spare me and the kitties some good thoughts I’d appreciate it. 
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    • Mrs Ms

      Mrs Ms

      One of my siblings has a work related thing coming up where they get to visit a fundie place. Has promised a detailed rundown of the encounter for me and another sibling via video chat. Not that I am jealous or anything….
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      My in-laws gifted me a hand crank Singer 127k family piece for my birthday. It's from 1926... whoaaahh I feel so loved! Any tips are welcome 😃
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    • 47of74


      They don't make movies like that anymore....
      And...oh yeah.  KHAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!
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