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Pressing organza


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I cannot believe I was so stupid as to buy a ton of it to make new sheers for my dining room, but I did. I washed it and then attempted to press it with a cool iron and it didn't work. I then attempted a pressing cloth with a relatively warm iron, again no luck.


So does anyone have any idea how I'm supposed to press this fabric? I'm terrified of melting it as it was pricey but I've gotta get it somewhat wrinkle free before this faux seamstress will have any chance of making the sheers.


Oh and I bought this at Hobby Lobby. I freaking hate HL but JoAnn was wiped out of everything. I never knew sewing was still so popular. I really wish I'd paid attention and/or not smoked pot before my sewing semester of Home Ec.


I also need a good basic sewing book. Anyone have recommendations?

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