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"Super 8's" Joel Courtney is a Dominionist!


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Doug Wilson announced on his blog that the young star was a member of his Christ Church in Moscow, ID:




I just posted a breaking exclusive about it over on Datalounge that has more links:


http://www.datalounge.com/cgi-bin/iowa/ ... 10551404,1

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A Dominionist who is involved in the evils of Hollywood?! Why, he'll be defrauded no matter where he looks! LOL

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How old is he? I found this quote on the linked site. Perhaps Hollywood will help the young man change his views

Joel hails from Dominionist hotbed Moscow, Idaho, and he and his family are members of Christ Church, which is led by the infamous neo-Confederate Pastor Douglas Wilson. Proud-as-punch Wilson stated their connection quite plainly on his blog: "...the lead role in the movie was held down by Joel Courtney, a young man in our church."

WOW! Do Steven and J.J. know about this?

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I just saw this movie last night. Why he's already defrauded himself with that actress, what's her name, the little male hussy. Plus, disobeying and disrespecting his patriarch!

I did catch myself thinking that the forced evacuation scenario would play to some of our more conspiracy-minded, anti-government fundies, like ZooZoo. Damn you, FreeJinger, for invading my movie-watching thoughts!

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So I a new FJ-er browsing old topics. I just had to mention that I live close to the Moscow area-- Joel's hometown, and all the Christ Churchers. I have several friends who are deeply involved in the church. Anyway, I don't know Joel or his family personally, but as a rule the Christ Churchers are not typical fundies in their lifestyle or definition of "defrauding". Their young people are pretty loose. Goodness, the adults spend most evenings drinking alcohol and smoking cigars! NOT the kinda fundies that the Duggars or Gothardites are. Fun fact: Doug Wilson's brother, Evan, runs a boarding house of sorts that houses both males and females (mostly college students)!

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