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Dougie has a Sad. (And asking for good thoughts/advice)


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Ok, I am about to attempt my first item of clothing that will not be a costume.


I've made Civil War ballgowns, colonial dresses, and random other things for Halloween, and they all looked pretty good I thought, but this one is making me worried if I mess up because I won't have the excuse "It's a costume." Plus it's a satiny material unlike what I've used before.


So, any encouragement or advice?




Pattern: Simplicity 1802 http://www.simplicity.com/p-7501-misses ... ction.aspx (Either A or B, the event is in November)

Fabric: http://www.joann.com/simply-silky-print ... 00831.html


P.S. I am undecided about adding black piping to the bodice. Any thoughts one way or the other would also be appreciated.

Thanks again!

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Here it is! I think it came out pretty well.


Sorry for the terrible photo; it makes it hard to see the seam lines in the bodice, which I think are very cool, but subtle.

I originally did the pattern's skirt. It looked awful. The pieces did not line up at all as drafted. I tried to work around it but it looked all wavy and bulgy. I ripped it off and made a simple [link=http://www.ehow.com/how_8006870_make-8gore-circle-skirt.html]8-gore skirt[/link] instead. Thank goodness I bought extra fabric!

I plan on redoing the hem, maybe a half-inch longer or so and properly pressed, blind-hemmed, etc. The dance started at 8 and I finished this at about 7:45!

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