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Stinking Lousewife elucidates on causes of black criminality

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Subject title should begin "Stinking Lousewife et al"

I'm not able to single out a line or a paragraph or two because it is all so.......I can't even......

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And yet, what about Adam Lanza and James DiMaggio? And Ted Bundy and Charles Manson? Or do mass murderers not count as criminals?

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Subject title should begin "Stinking Lousewife et al"

I'm not able to single out a line or a paragraph or two because it is all so.......I can't even......

:o :shock: :twisted: :evil: .... and I can't find a smiley that indicates "Horrified"

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My father's black and I have numerous preachers from various Christian denominations on his side of the family. I'm not religious but I have to give them credit for being heavily involved in their communities. I guess this means I need to call them and tell them to give up their ministries because somebody on the internet says it's their nature to be rapists. I'll do that right after I build my time machine so I can stop my great grandfather from starting churches in two different states.

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She is one of the most vile bloggers out there. The scary part is that Sunshine Mary and her ilk look up to her. She sometimes refers to Lousewife's articles and cites her opinions as if they were fact.

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M.G. at the website Those Who Can See offers various biological explanations for black criminality. He cites the relatively high levels of narcissism, impulsiveness, risk-taking, psychopathology, low intelligence and aggression among blacks on psychological assessments and intelligence tests. The traits he mentions are compelling, observable factors, but they do not fully explain the criminal behavior of blacks.

Assuming that we were to accept the premises that black people are more likely to a. be criminals and b. suffer from all those (which I really don't, but it's not much of a conversation if one party just alternately laughs and vomits the entire way through), none of them are necessarily inborn traits. They can nearly all be caused, for example, by lead poisoning (which is more likely in inner cities, which incidentally is also where you are more likely to find poverty and high concentrations of minorities because, again, poverty.) Welcome to the intersecting web of classism, racism, and all-around icky-ism, folks!

Let’s put it this way, did Bernie Madoff lie and steal because he was highly intelligent? Did he come up with his Ponzi scheme because he was able shrewdly to control his impulses and had a gift for systematic thinking? Certainly, he couldn’t have pulled off his scam without these innate traits. But that’s not why he stole from others. He defrauded his clients because he wanted their money and he wanted it because of greed, lust and love of self, all of which are deformities of the will, not of the body.

Bernie Madoff: white dude. This point will never be brought up again.

Interestingly, it's common knowledge (which means its pretty much unverifiable) that many or most CEOs are sociopaths. It is provable fact that nearly all of them are white males. And it's fairly likely that they all suffer from the sin of greed, and most likely lust as well. I mean, even from my perspective as somebody who pretty much doesn't even believe in sin! But, like I said, none of this will ever be brought up again.

Similarly, does a black man rape a woman because he has a strong sexual drive? Certainly, he wouldn’t commit such an abomination without his innate sexual desire, but the sexual drive does not impel him toward an act of hatred and destruction. The will to destroy and hatred in his heart cause him to rape.

Interesting, interesting. I suppose the fact that virtually all African-Americans have some white ancestry is because of high levels of black men raping white women and not, in fact the other way around? That would have been criminally suicidal of them, especially prior to the civil war, but....

It is often said that blacks commit high levels of crime because they are less able to control their impulses

Said by whom?

Take the example of a thug who intends to rob someone and in the course of the robbery, he shoots his victim, seemingly for no good reason because the victim has already given him money or has said he has no money.

Seems reasonable to me. I mean, once you've committed yourself to a life of crime it makes dreary sense to eliminate witnesses. If the penalty for robbery is high enough, it would be lunacy not to escalate to murder.

This has happened countless times with black muggers.

Which is why she fails to cite even one example.

Oh, I'm not being fair. Muggers of any race do things like this. That's because they're bad people doing bad things. So technically, this probably has happened countless times with black muggers. And with white muggers, and with Asian muggers....

While the actual murder may be an impulsive act, the decision to carry a gun was not made impulsively. The decision to steal was made with deliberation. The act of impulse was surrounded by myriad examples of conscious choice.

Ooh, like that dude, what's his name, who killed a teenager for walking around threateningly? White guy, black guy, never gonna end well because... oh, wait.

Black criminality is also often blamed on low intelligence.

Yeah, by racists.

But, of course, there are many, many blacks who possess the intelligence to censure crime and to call for strong and effective punishment of black criminals.

This is where it gets weird.

If blacks themselves wanted to control the criminals among them, they could probably do it, by collectively demonizing criminals and protesting

So could whites. I mean, bare minimum, we could stop accepting criminal CEOs and laughing off rape committed by good white boys.

Some do this of course, but prominent black figures who have the most influence do not.

Notice she names no names here.

The problem is not biological, it is spiritual. The problem is not genetics, but a love of evil and destruction. There will be no genetic cure for this deformity of the soul.

So why pick on black folks if it isn't biological or genetic?

Well, I'm off to take a shower.

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Well, I'm off to take a shower.

This calls for more like a Karen Silkwood-style scrubdown. :?

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Are we sure all of her posts weren't written 80 years ago and then edited and uploaded by a crazy grandkid?

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