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Headcovering Drama at Bayly Blog


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2 things

1. Whenever I see BJU I read it as Blow Job University, not BJU. Guess the good Lord will be putting a checkmark next to my name. Though if these folks are the ones in heaven I mght know and like more of the folks who are in warmer climates.

2. If God really cares whether I wear a hat or not as opposed to, IDK, plagues, weather disasters, rampant disease(s), starvation, wars and such, I'm thinking God isn't really who/what we think s/he is. Just throwing it out there. Or at least there is some misrepresentation.

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But, that would require READING AND COMPREHENSION of the Bible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :penguin-no: and we CANNOT have that; sounds like reasoning and thought oh my!!!!!! :angry-banghead:

Anyone who wishes to can study the passage in depth and see that the above interpretation doesn't make much sense. Why would Paul go on for so long detailing a practice and the reasons for it, and then say "but we don't do that"? What they didn't practice was being contentious about basic issues - that seems plain to me even from the English translation.

Also, the two words for "covering" - at the beginning of the passage, and then the one quoted above - are two completely different words in Greek (katastola and peribolion, if memory serves) that have two different meanings. That is where the "hair is the covering" argument falls apart.

But I cover, so take that with however big a grain of salt you wish. :D

ETA: I enjoy discussing this topic and nothing anyone says is going to offend me - no harm, no foul.

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