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Living Waters Ministry Newsletters (Have a laugh)


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Went through some of the old Living Waters Newsletters I still receive. I like a nice laugh now and again and Living Waters tends to always be good for a laugh. Here are some of the things in those letters:


Ray Comfort wants no atheists around to disagree question him.



It’s taken about four months, but my Facebook page is now under control. After banning around 2,400 atheists, those still on the page have got the message that if they want to stay, they have to obey the rules. I would actually prefer it to be an atheist-free zone, a place where Christians could be encouraged and built up in their faith, where we didn't have to deal daily with mockery of things dear to us, the twisting of Scripture, and the craziness of evolution. However, I let them stay, only because I am horrified beyond words that they will end up in Hell. Their damnation won’t be because they don’t believe in God, but because of two mistakes they make. The first is their misunderstanding of the absolute holiness of Almighty God, and the second is their moral state before Him—a state that is clouded by proud self-righteousness. My sincere hope is that they will see or hear something on this page that will awaken them to their great danger.


Here are a couple of this week’s most popular posts:


“Your casket isn't the end. Think outside the box.â€


"Today may my lips praise God, my thoughts please Him, and my life glorify Him. For this purpose was I born.â€


We want to raise up, equip, and encourage an army of loving Christians who know how to speak the truth in love.


Oh, and Ray Comfort is a celebrity. A bunch of people are pretending to be him and spreading lies, so report them as impersonating celebrity Ray Comfort, y'all!


They are now selling Lincoln trillion dollar tracts instead of just the million dollar ones and also celebrity caricature million dollar tracts for July 4.


Stupid wallet tracts are also available:


The Wallet unfolds twice to reveal the text. On the inside it provides a personality analysis with questions such as..."If this was a real wallet, packed with real money, would you: A. Keep it? B. Take it to the police? C. Give some of the money to the poor?" The questions gradually take the reader through the commandments and then the gospel. You will be surprised how easily one of these tracts laying on the ground will draw the attention of someone passing by.


Idiots they are.


And video games are evil



And Richard Dawkins has a dirty secret





Shitty story time!:



Paul and Missy have four young children, two of which are adopted from Ethiopia. When Missy is out with all four children, people routinely approach her and tell her she is a good person. Since learning of Living Waters, Missy responds by transitioning from their compliment to the "Good Person Test." She and Paul frequent public playgrounds as often as possible with all four children and a diaper bag full of tracts!


Their newfound zeal for the lost is getting noticed. Recently, some well-meaning friends told Missy she will grow out of this stage and move into a state of normalcy soon. Maybe you can relate? But her compassion for the lost is growing. Missy said, "I have had many missions in my life that I intended to be for Jesus Christ… orphan care, poverty, helping those with substance and alcohol abuse, but this is the mission that has given me a solid sense of purpose.


All other missions can be brought under this one - always sharing the gospel no matter how we serve." And it's impacting their children as well. Missy shared this moving story with us. "Last week, our five-year old daughter was at the playground and gathering an audience by asking people their names and then saying 'Do you know the Lord?' After doing so, she presented a clear Gospel message to all of them - just exactly as she's heard her parents do so often. It was our proudest moment as parents. I thank Living Waters for this and for the daily encouragement offered through 'On the Box' - it reminds me where my strength and courage comes from."


Comfort attempts logic and fails:



I had a great interview recently with an evolutionary anthropologist at UCLA. She said that she normally didn’t do interviews with creationists, but she did this one for the upcoming “Famous Atheists†documentary.


It was a lively time, with us crossing swords many times. One issue upon which we disagreed was the issue of faith. She said that she was an atheist and she didn’t have any. I said that when the doctor gave her pills to take, she took them in faith—trusting him and the pills. She said she didn’t. She insisted that she goes through each of the pill’s ingredients with a fine-toothed comb before she took them (in faith).


I told her that she was exercising faith in the chair upon which she was sitting. She disagreed and said that she sat on it because she had knowledge. I said that she did have knowledge—she had knowledge that it was trustworthy (worthy of her trust/faith), so she trusted it with that knowledge.


She even let me take her through the Ten Commandments to show her that she needed God’s forgiveness, but after four of them she pointed her finger at me and the camera and said, “Don’t preach to me!†Of course, I respected her wish and changed the subject to a more comfortable issue.


We parted as friends, and a few days later she received a fruit basket as an appreciation gift.


PZ Myers is in the new EvolutionvGod movie Living Waters created and talks about how Comfort pretends he's right, though that's not how the conversation actually went and this is Comfort's response:



Of course the interview was selectively edited for the promo—because a promo has to be short. But in the actual movie PZ gets to talk as much, if not more than anyone. But he was still “selectively edited.†That’s what editors do. They remove the mundane and “select†that which is relevant--and a lot of what PZ said certainly was relevant. So PZ, you (and everyone in the movie) were selectively edited, but we have to protest when you say we misrepresented you. That would show a lack of integrity on our part and a disregard for our friendship. I really enjoyed meeting you. It was an honor, and I would enjoy a meal with you any time you are back in Southern California (at my expense, of course).


Books they're selling for anyone who wants to delve into the no doubt shitty books of Living Waters:

The Evidence Bible

The Lie by Ken Ham.

Why Genesis remains critically important in presenting the Gospel. How the biblical account of Creation impacts your understanding of Scripture and worldview. Why evolution does not and cannot fit within the biblical timeline of history

How to Win Souls and Influence People

Hitler, God and the Bible

Why Pro-Life?

Scientific Facts in the Bible

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Way of the Master for Kids

Out of Your Comfort Zone

101 Things Husbands Do to Annoy Their Wives

God Speaks

The Beatles, God and the Bible

180: Changing Hearts and Minds About Life's Hot-Button Issues

What Did Jesus Do?

God Doesn't Believe in Atheists

What Hollywood Believes

Why Christianity? (or Why My Religion Is Right and Yours Is Wrong)


Other hilarious videos from Comfort and Cameron to make you :cracking-up:







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I thought the Maxwells were the only people who admitted to using the Good Person Test!

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People like Ray Comfort make me thankful that I am no longer religious... which is probably not the reaction they are going for.

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Comfort is the ultimate Poe, right? No way he actually believes all that bs. He responded to me once on Fb, but only once. After I ripped his argument to smithereens, he just let his fans respond.

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