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Fundie Fostercare Story That Makes Me See Red


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One of my non-fundie cousins (there are about 3 of us that fled the fundie farm over the years) does foster care. By this, I mean he and his wife really try their hardest to get things as right for their kids as they possibly can. He's a member on various boards and he sent me a thread from one that just about did me in. I think it may be a closed board, so I'm not posting the screenshot or any names but the basic tale is this:

Fundie Fostermom posts on the board to say she's sorry she's been gone so long. The little 6 year old foster-to-adopt girl they had just wasn't "fitting in" the way she and her husband wanted. They were getting tired of her behaviors and thought that after 3 months, she'd finally settle down. [Further down the thread, it becomes obvious that the foster kid was a molestation victim] So, after spending a whole night in prayer, Fundie Fostermom and her husband decided that this foster-to-adopt thing wasn't for them and that they are going to send the little girl back to Social Services and start a round of clomid. Except she's nervous about asking people to pray for the clomid to take because her church frowns on fertility treatments. :angry-banghead:

My heart just breaks for that poor little girl. I can only imagine what she went through before fostercare and since Fundie Fostermom peppers her narrative with all kinds of coded language like "first-time obedience", I can only guess what life in that house was like for that child.

One thing I did wonder - while the kids are still in fostercare, would the foster parents be required to put the kids in therapy? It wasn't mentioned, but I kept wondering if this poor girl was getting any treatment.

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Its very possible she was not getting any therapy or counseling. CPS often does not order this unless behaviors are extremely severe, because then a foster home must be classified as treatment level. This denotes a whole new level of homestudy and commitment, and opens you up to a whole new level of challenged children.

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Honestly, the child is probably better off out of that situation. May fundie fostermon rot in hell.

Same here!! Also aren't they suppose to screen foster parents?

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Just chiming in to say I work in foster care and almost every single one of the kids I monitor in foster homes is in therapy. It is court ordered for almost every kid, most especially if they are victims of sexual abuse. A licensed foster home would be required to comply with all court orders pertaining to the child. This could potentially vary in different states I suppose and also sometimes it does take awhile after the child comes into care for these services to start.

Also In my state at least any type of physical discipline of a state ward in any setting is strictly verboten. I have heard of a few cases of it happening but it is usually discovered fairly quickly *i believe* especially in licensed foster homes where there would be several entities providing services and oversight for both the children and the foster home.

These foster parents sound like a-holes and I hope the little girl finds a better home.

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My kids were all required to attend therapy while they were still in foster care. We continued therapy after adoption because, you know, traumatized kids tend to need it.

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