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"Harry Potter and the Lavender Brigade" by Doug Phillips


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I mean, I love the books, but JK thinks she's a hell of a lot more liberal than she is

This sort of sums up how I feel about JKR. Except I describe her as a typical liberal, because where I am on the political spectrum, "liberal" is just another position further to the right than me. To be clear, making Dumbledore the only gay character and keeping it a secret until after everything was published and it wouldn't hurt sales...I don't consider those typical liberal things.

I once read an article that said the books didn't match her support of Labour because, among other things, they endorse pre-destined saviours of humanity...[link=http://www.theawl.com/2010/11/harry-potter-and-the-incredibly-conservative-aristocratic-childrens-club]the article[/link] says it better than I can. Now obviously, the person who wrote this article is an idiot who didn't bother to read the books before writing about them, and I don't agree with everything they have to say either. I'm way more familiar with the Canadian and American Big Liberal Parties than I am with Labour, but I don't think this particular thing about the books, while being a flaw as far as I'm concerned, is inconsistent with them. They're not exactly all about collective struggles and grassroots action, which I see as the alternative to chosen one theory. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I think the author expects JKR to be radical, whereas she's just liberal.

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      First snow storm of the season hit today. It got windy tonight, and we lost power. Somehow this continues to be a shock to PSE. Why they refuse to upgrade the infrastructure or do something so that 10s of thousands of people don’t lose power and heat literally every time it’s windy, I do not understand. We live in the Pacific Northwest. It gets windy!
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      Nebraska's new football coach is an evangelical bullshit artist who participates in "Man Up Ministries" conferences in the off season. Their motto is "Fighting for Biblical Manhood". Excuse me while I go vomit. 
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      Don't know I'd charge quite that much though.

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      Wisconsin’s first thanksgiving 

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      Long time no visit…
      COVID has finally caught up with me. Dad tested positive first, last Friday, then my mother, brother and I all tested positive today. Main symptom is feeling really really tired. Hopefully it doesn’t get much worse 🤞 
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      Yeah probably not the best place to put that quote...

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      If I still did the Catholic thing with confession this would be the priest who heard mine..

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      Do I wear it?
      i was given a vintage, 70 year old mink coat. It fits like it was made for me. Somehow my cousin, who is 8 years older than me came into 3 gorgeous fur coats from a granddaughter of a woman her mother knew. We’re talking women who died in the mid 60’s.  None of them would fit her or any other of the women in my family. Yay for essentially being a ball. Everyone else is about 5’7 or more and all outweigh me by 50+. 
      it is just gorgeous. What women in Skokie and Highland Park many years ago, when I still lived there would call a “serviceable” fur. It was the fur they’d wear to a good restaurant, but not the opera or symphony.
      do I wear it? I’d love to, and I live in hunting country so fur isn’t looked down on. But is it wrong?  Arrrgh god its pretty.
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      A modern day love story: Guy reaches out to you, you think he's cute so you start talking to him, give him your number. Guy then messages if you're free, you reply yes, guy never responds again. Love that. 👌
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      Ugh people who comment on height are the worst. 
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