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Anybody familiar with Peter Ruckman?

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Until moments ago, when I was reading about various strands of KJV only-ism, I was under the misapprehension that Pensacola's weirdness began and ended with PCC. But that is not the case:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Ruckman (not breaking the wikipedia link)


^ This fellow believes that the 1611 KJV "corrected" mistakes in the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts (by magic! we don't need no stinking scholarship!). He also espouses some really repugnant racist stuff, and some entertainingly weird stuff about aliens. Even some fundies find him alarming, partly because of the aliens, partly because he can't seem to stay married to the same spouse, and partly because he uses insulting language. Some sample hand-wringing:



If Ruckman is right, where was the inspired Word of God prior to 1611? What did the churches do from the time of the apostles until the 17th century? And what did they do before Ruckman came upon the scene to create this doctrine, because it is certain that no one taught it at an earlier date?




Anyway, Ruckman (I keep wanting to type the last name of our patron saint!) is the pastor of an IFB and the head of a Bible Institute (in the same city as PCC, which suggests he plays poorly with others), and his oddities have been lovingly detailed here. The tract is all kinds of special.



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Hubby and I used to live in Pensacola in the 80's and early 90's. His group used to stand on streetcorners and yell at passersby that they were going to Hell. Not exactly the greatest way to gain converts, if you know what I mean. :roll:

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Yes, Ruckman is a nutcase.

But wayoflife.org is David Cloud (who is loosely associated with Fairhaven Baptist in IN, Fairhaven being particularly known for considering FBCHammond and HAC as too liberal). The ONLY one David Cloud agrees with is David Cloud. So this criticism doesn't mean much.

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