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who is jinger, why is she important?


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& why is her name spelled like that?? is it pronounced 'ginger'? what the hell... is she as illiterate as raising ruth's ex??

huh... do the duggar kids ever show their homeschool work onscreen? cuz huh..... after reading the raising ruth without pity blog (lol) wow.

i once made a transcript for one of those lil wanna be ex gothard scamps that retuned to the nest.... i had no idea he actually hadn't been educated, i heard the phrase 'i was homeschooled' & i assumed he was homeschooled like my kids are. fine & dandy & i could put them up against any high school grad & they can take any standardized test & score way high.... wow, no wonder he deleted me from fb after i sent him his hs transcript template to fill in.... told him 'here is how it will look when you fill it in with your info, this is my random kid's i just made recently..... delete his stuff, put in your stuff' woah... shit.... huh... prolly he got an EXCELLENT transcript then, good! fuck those gothards, he's not applying for work at nasa, he is a landscaper. he can water bushes & pull weeds with one of my kids' transcripts, i just dont have a problem with that...... i'll help 'em all lie their way to blue collar success!

wtf, do they only use the gothard thing to home school, or do they have science books, math books, etc? wth, no wonder they like IN.... 'teach in english, 180 days, has to be equivalent to public school but no one is allowed to define 'equivalent'.....

huh... betcha all the states with lax home school laws become seething hotbeds of gothard, if they aren't already..... wow that sux... dunno what to do now- a transcript can help them get a job, but maybe they need more education.... y'know, even the ex gothards are resistant to that, tho. fuck i can churn out a kid that can get a great score on any standardized test.... maybe they are scared i'll legalize them & aren't so into coming over for GED prep, in spite of my offers... man; i hate this cult more & more by the minute!!!

but anyway, who is jinger & why is she important, without having to watch the show? cuz i know me pretty well.... & i am kinda sure that stuff will piss me off into criminal territory....

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wow!! they all have j names cuz the dad does, that is insane!! the dad didn't even control what his name ended up, that's funny he ended up with an obscure'ish letter wtf that is certifiably nuts! thanx ii am gonna start wading thru the 272 pages i think :D

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You might want to take a walk through our "archive" from before we moved to our own site. This is a link to our yuku site: http://freejinger.yuku.com/forums/2/A-Q ... UlBwlenKns

Many of the things we talk about actually started there. We are working on getting links together to make it easier on people, but as you can imagine, it's an enormous task.

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