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I love Jordyn and wish I could adopt her an bring her home with me where she would get tons of attention and sleep in a real bed.


The first Duggar episode I saw had Jordyn climbing up and crawling down the stairs in the TTH unsupervised, later I saw her wandering around the TTH all by herself and sitting in a high chair at the dining room table all by herself. She strikes me as being the most ignored Duggar. At least Jenny has her Dill.


The inatttention paid to Jordyn breaks my heart. When hungry the poor baby gets fed cold oatmeal fixed by Justin or eats unfilled ice cream cones.


I was impressed by her in Japan. It seems that she loved the food there and as a almost 4 year old was capable of making a decent sushi roll.



I think that this child has so much potential despite being ignored that she has the potential to do something outside of fundieland.



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Not Anna. Used to think she was okay, now I hate her again.

I still like Josiah. He seemed engaged on the Asia trip, and didn't get highlighted for any disrespectful answers on TH, which is ahead of all the adults and mist of the near-adults on this trip.

I also really enjoyed Josie's "fuck off" look when the elderly lady insisted on shaking her hand.

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It's totally not the kid's fault but I have become sick of them all. I have seen too much of them, tons of TMI, I can't stand the sight of them. I do wish the kids all the best in the world though. I just don't want to see any more of them, anymore.

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Joyanna......but intellectually she doesn't have a chance, or much of a chance in the outside world....not her fault!!

I Pray that JB&M and a few trips to the Journey wont snuff out the fire and spark from her eyes and heart (But i see the buckets of water and sand) at JB&M's feet at the ready to do just that :evil:


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It's always been a tie between Jessa and Jinger for me.

Although I'm beginning to like Anna more and more, that's a big improvement from when I couldn't stand her the first season or two she was on. Oh and the old Amy. I liked her before because she was so normal compared to her cousins. But lately, she seems like she could fall into the kid hoarding life style.

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People find James irritating but he's had some funny moments. In an episode of 18KAC he hid his chore pack and make a show of pretending to look for it to get out of doing school work, that made me laugh. In that same episode he managed to exasperate Michelle to the point where IIRC they had to quickly cut to a talking head to cover her telling him off. I like seeing those more human moments of the Duggar parents.

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