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Apparantly, sunshinemary has another self-hating fan: donalgraeme.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/moral-agency-in-women-revisted/. Sarah Maxwell from titus2 shed privileged-fellow-internet-fundie-Christian-marytr tears that sunshinemary was actually doing her favor as a conservative Christian woman and shutting up, leaving the internet because women aren't allowed to talk. donalgraeme thought that she should not " feel guilty about it, but SSM's departure from the web has finally inspired me to create my own blog. I'm going to try and re-create some of my arguments and ideas from SSM's blog, and hopefully create a forum for ideas like her blog used to be."

According to her, only women are lustful and men aren't, even though we have to cover ourselves modestly according to fundies so that fundie men don't fuck women like rabbits even though they're supposed to be the stronger sex.

Some golden quotes:

There were no opportunities to encounter alpha males on spring break in a sunny locale while drinking tequila (or for the Christian girl, to encounter native alphas while on a “missions†trip).
Apparently only men can resist women on mission trips and not vice versa, doncha know? :roll:

So, whose fault is it when women sleep around if it isn’t their own fault?
Because it's a-ok for men to not be virgins before marriage.

And given the feminization of most Churches, this is of course unacceptable.
Apparantley according to this self-hating woman; women should not be abbesses, attend churches and or become nuns because it "feminizes" churches, whatever the hell this means.

And for science experts, have fun at picking her logic of alpha and beta males.

FJers, have fun ripping this 1 apart.

( Is so happy to have found her 1st fundie blogger! :greetings-clapyellow: )

P.S: AtroposHeart, thank you for introducing me to the hypocritical bitch that is sunshinemary. ;)

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Out of the mouths of blithering idiots:

I suspect that the truth is that around a powerful, dominant masculine presence the part of a woman’s brain which is responsible for logic and reason simply shuts down. Pure biological instinct takes over, leaving the three main drives of a woman: 1) Sex with alpha males, 2) protection, and 3) provision. At this point she starts seeking to fulfill impulse #1, sex with an alpha male. No rational thought is involved. Just pure lust.

Excuse me while I laugh until I fall off my chair....

Personally, I am starting to wonder if a man with a dominant alpha frame is irresistible to women. That is, given the opportunity, she would have sex with him no matter the cost or consequences. Or what some have called “trading 5 minutes of alpha for a lifetime of beta.†Worst of all, the woman has no control over this. She cannot help herself, and really doesn’t have full agency in this kind of situation.

No. They are not. I would say a large number of "alpha males" are not as alpha or as irresistable as they think. Besides, I don't think I'm the only woman who prefers a (to this crowd) beta guy who knows how to use hands and tongue as opposed to some alpha dick who thinks it's all about... well, the dick.

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Heavens to Murgatroid! From the "About" page:

One man searching for the wisdom to walk the narrow path while avoiding the perils of a fallen world.

One man searching for the wisdom to walk

One man


We've got a live one, ladies! (And it's even more sad/hilarious when you realize that the above cartoon is probably how the EVER-so-alpha Donal Grahamcracker thinks that all women actually think and behave. SOMEone needs to get a bit more sun, methinks).

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Oh good grief. SSM showed here that it was her fundie beliefs that caused her to not be capable of rational thought not being a woman.

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