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Dictionary created and maintained by: Boogalou

If you are looking for something specific please hit ctrl + F and search the page for it, otherwise the list is in alphabetical order


AD: poster AnnoDomini http://freejinger.org/viewtopic.php?t=4917,she is known in other internet circles as BrightCircle

ATI: Advanced Training Institute


Bathroom baby: T1 (that one), Thatwife's son, who sleeps in a pack and play in the bathroom

Blanket training: training a baby or toddler to stay on a blanket, before the Duggars were famous this involved a wooden spoon, afterwards the spoon was never spoken of in public again

BRADRICK!: pseudo crisis leadership network


Cap’n: Brett Smith

College Minus: the sketchy “college” program many fundies are into, formally known as College Plus!

Cousin Amy: Amy Duggar, cousin of the Duggar kids

CTBHHM: Created to Be His Help Meet a how to guide for being a “Godly” and submissive doormat woman by Debbi Pearl


Dairy Queen: Michelle Duggar, a self-proclaimed title for pumping and freezing freezers full of breast milk for Josie

Darth: Dorothy Sanders (nee Morton)

Defraud: what a fundie maiden does to a fundie boy when she exposes an ankle, causing someone to think impure thoughts, this can be avoided by shouting Nike!

Dim Bulb: Jim Bob Duggar, who is rather dim

Dna: based on a misspelling of his own name, Dan is the husband of Emily from http://under1000permonth.blogspot.ca/

Doug Phillips: is a tool

DQ: short form of Dairy Queen, see above

DWOP: Duggars Without Pity


Eleventy: Originates from being so overexcited that multiple exclamation points turn into ones at the ends of sentences!!!!!111!!!11!

Elle: notorious internet troll [link=http://www.freejinger.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=10922]Aria_Star[/link]


Famy: Amy Duggar, for being a famewhore

Frumper: a frumpy jumper (the dress kind, not the sweater)

Fundie: religious fundamentalist


Gloodles: noodles made by Emily with whole wheat and water, boiled until they become a gluey, unpalatable mess


Howler monkeys/howlers: the youngest Duggar boys


IBLP: Institute in Basic Life Principles

ISB: idle speculation bus, what people drive when they speculate and create wild theories, especially about the Duggars


JB: Jim Bob Duggar

J’Caleb: the first Duggar miscarriage that inspired Michelle and Jim Bob to become Quiverfull, he was mysteriously and suddenly named after the whole Jubilee fiasco

J’chelle: Michelle Duggar

Jim Boob: Jim Bob Duggar

Josh Duggar: Smuggar (for being a smug Duggar), Smuggly, Smugs, AssNugget

JoshyGirl: Anna Duggar, named after a bag she was carrying with the same title

Josiah Duggar: Smuggar Jr. (now defunct) for formerly acting smug like Josh, he has since grown out of this phase, Josh has not

J’slaves: The oldest Duggar daughters, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, who are raising their parents’ children

JTTH: Journey to the Heart http://iblp.org/programs/journey-heart

J’uterus: Michelle Duggar


Kendull: Kendal, not a misspelling as Kendal herself assumes, but a nickname stemming from her inability to spell

Kensplain: mansplaining courtesy of Ken Alexander during his visit here in early 2014 to defend his wife's blog.


LAF: Ladies Against Feminism http://www.ladiesagainstfeminism.com/

Latisha Sawyers: Jessica, a former blogger and current internet friend of Zsu, who allegedly commented on treemom’s blog with this clever pseudaonym

LiaS: Life in a Shoe http://inashoe.com/

LL: Lora Lynn, older half-sister to the Sanders

Lost boys: the youngest Duggar boys that no one in their family pays attention to

Lost girls: the youngest Duggar girls that no one in their family pays attention to, especially Jordyn and Jennifer.


Mark Driscoll: misogynist pastor who claims to have visions of his congregants sexual sins, thinks Jesus would beat people, and is against the feminization of the church

Mullet: Michelle Duggar, named after her old hairstyle

MOTH: Managers of Their Homes, a scheduling book/program for homeschooling families created by Steve and Terri Maxwell

MWOP: Mckmama Without Pity


Nike!: what the Duggars are taught to say when faced with a scantily clad maiden so the boys can look down at their shoes and remain pure

Non-Duggar Josiah: Josiah of biblicalbeginning.com, the person who wants to stone gay people and thinks slavery is a good thing.

NonThinking Housewife: the Thinking Housewife

NR Anna: Non reversal Anna Maxwell, called Anna Marie by the Maxwells. She is Steve's daughter-in-law and married to Christopher. Reversal Anna is the daughter born after the vasectomy and is still called Anna by the family.


ofJimBob: Michelle Duggar (a reference to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

ofSmuggar: Anna Duggar, see above

One Ton Ramp: IT On-Ramp, run by the Maxwell’s


Peanut Butter War: Something to never be spoken of, for reference see http://freejinger.yuku.com/reply/143302 ... 84IfNU9noA

Pedicure maneuver: derailing the thread to discuss nail polish and related topics so that trolls are not given so much attention

Pissing Preacher: Steven Anderson, for preaching a sermon about how real men pisseth against the wall

PP: Pissing preacher, see above

Prayer closet: a closet space set aside in the Duggar’s home for solitude and, um, prayer


QF: Quiverfull

QFT: Quoted for truth


Redacted: a replacement for swear words, styled after Free Jinger Digest (now defunct) where swear words in users' posts were repalced with [redacted] or some variation thereof

Reversals (and variations on this theme): the kids born after Steve Maxwell had his vasectomy

Rick Santorum: Frothy

Riffle: Typo, based on a misspelling of the word rifle

Robotkin: Robot + Botkin, refers specifically to the Botkin daughters


SAHD: Stay at home daughter

Scamaritan Ministries: Samaritan Ministries, a Christian alternative to health insurance whereby fundie families send monthly cheques to other fundie families, whose needs have been deemed appropriately worthy and Godly

Sin In The Camp: the supposed reason Jim Holt lost an election. Unverified, and rather sketchy, internet rumours claim Josh committed some sin (anything from masturbating to molesting others) which caused JB to lose the election. It is rumoured Josh was sent to ATI reprogramming camp and had his head shaved there, explaining the buzz cut in the original special.

S’morton: the way too intermarried Smith/Morton family

Smuggar: Josh Duggar, a smug Duggar

Smuggar Jr.: a now defunct name for Josiah Duggar who has since grown out of his smugness

SOTDRT: School of the dining room table, subpar fundie homeschooling

Stinking Lousewife: The Thinking Housewife, Laura Wood/Lawrence Auster


Taryn: former commenter on ZsuZsu’s blog, her convoluted comments revealed that she had blue cups and that the OK sign is evil

That Wife: Mormon mommy blogger and mother of bathroom baby

Tomato staking: mentally handcuffing children (tomatoes) to a parent (stake) for extended periods of time to express disapproval and a lack of trust in the child http://www.raisinggodlytomatoes.com/

TT/Taliban Tony: Anthony, Lina’s husband for coming to FJ and saying that if you want your husband to act like the Taliban then disrespect him http://freejinger.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4503

TTC: Tater tot casserole, the culinary concoction that is a signature meal of the Duggars (alternatively known as tataca)

TTH: Tinker toy house, the Duggar’s home that was constructed from several steel home kits

TTUAC: To Train Up A Child, a book written by Michel and Debbi Pearl where they advocate spaking babies and hitting children with plumbing line

TWOP: Television Without Pity


Uriah: The Maxwell's travelling bus


VF: Vision Forum

YAH-some: a combination of awesome and YAH (short for Yaweh) used to sound like an authentic faux-Jew


WBC: Wesboro Baptist Church

Whalla: a fundie spelling and pronunciation of the word more commonly known as "voilà"



YLCF: Young Ladies Christian Fellowship of ylcf.org


ZooZoo: Zsuzsanna Anderson

Zsu: Zsuzsanna Anderson

ZsuZsu: Zsuzsanna Anderson

Zsuzsa: Zsuzsanna Anderson, a name generally used by her friends, admirers, and fangirls

For common internet slang and acronyms please see: http://www.urbandictionary.com/

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