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Lori and Ken Alexander

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Summary provided by: dairyfreelife

Lori Alexander blogs at lorialexander.blogspot.com and titles her blog Always Learning. Lori’s father was a doctor and she lives north of San Diego in a wealthy neighborhood and is your typical privileged, entitled, white, conservative housewife. She’s been married to husband, Ken for 32 years. Lori and Ken have four children; Alyssa, Ryan, Steven and Cassi. As of June 6, 2012 they were 29, 27, 25 and 23. Alyssa is a ballerina and has been married to her husband Jon for over two years. Ryan is married to Erin and they have a daughter who will turn two in February and another child due in May. Steven went to dental school and lives in Houston while going to orthodontic school. Cassi works in therapy.

Mrs. Alexander is not your average fundie. While she totes much of the similar propaganda, she and her daughters wear pants and sleeveless, tasteful clothes. Her children were homeschooled until high school and then went to a private, Christian school. She puts down any form of public education, but considers Christian schools okay, so she’s not gung-ho on homeschooling. Lori went to Westmont College in San Diego and her children have gone to community colleges and private universities. She is 100% against vaccines and believes in the Price Foundation’s and Dr. Mercola’s ideas. She is against birth control, though she used the pill herself. Lori is also against modern medicine and spends her days pondering where the sperm goes after a vasectomy and believes ice dipping can heal a broken bone.

Lori is an unapologetic follower of Michael and Debi Pearl. She mentions the books Created to Be a Helpmeet and To Train up a Child quite often and discusses her son and daughter-in-law using similar methods to “train” her granddaughter, Emma. This includes a post where she proudly discusses her son force-feeding Emma twenty bites of oatmeal while she screamed and cried and making her sit on a rug while they ate dinner and punishing her if she wanted to try their food. She proudly admits to spanking her children when they were young and is all about being a submissive wife. She claims to mentor younger women all the time in regards to marriage and shares the advice she gives on her blog. This means her blog has become an incessant tirade about men needing lots of sex and women giving it no matter how they feel and how women can change their husbands by submitting and being “godly”.

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