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What is the purpose of the SOTDRT?

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The SOTDRT is a bit of an experiment we are going to try and see how it goes. One of the suggestions made in the Suggestion thread was a "newbie sandbox" where people could get their feet wet before jumping right into the deep end. After reading a lot of posts and having a discussion with the Helpmeets, we decided that this was worth a try.

FJ can be a bit intimidating for the new poster and some of our long term posters, understandably get tired of answering the same questions over and over. Our search engine is...less than robust...which does not help matters. So we are hoping this area will be a nice compromise.

This is NOT a mandatory area for low post count/lurkers to post in. You can post anywhere you have access. This is just an area for people who may be a bit on the shy side and not wish to jump right into the deep end. You can introduce yourself, look at the FAQ and the other information provided here and ask questions without fear of being told to "use the search engine." When you are comfortable, we hope you will join us in the "deep end" and post in the other areas of the forum.

Likewise, long term posters are welcome and encouraged to join in here. Please remember that this area is meant to be a learning area for new people and there will likely be repeat questions, so if that kind of thing bothers you, this will probably not be of much interest to you.

This area will have a slightly higher moderator presence, at least initially, because we do want folks to understand that new people are welcome to ask whatever questions they wish in this particular forum, even if it's been asked eleventy billion times before. We ask that you respect that.

Most importantly, we hope everyone has fun posting no matter which area of the forum they choose to post in.

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