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Canadian MPs - Abortions 19+ wks = Homicide


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http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/01/31 ... homicides/

Three Conservative MPs want the RCMP to investigate any abortions performed after 19 weeks in Canada as possible homicides.

The MPs from Saskatchewan, Alberta and Ontario make the request in a letter on House of Commons letterhead to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

Fred Chartrand / CP filesConservative MP Maurice Vellacott is shown in the House of Commons, in Ottawa, Tuesday May 9, 2006.

In the letter, the MPs say abortions performed at 20 weeks gestation or later breach Section 223a of the Criminal Code.

The MPs say the killing of Canadian children may continue to grow if they are not thoroughly investigated by police.

The letter is signed by MPs Maurice Vellacott of Saskatoon-Wanuskwein, Leon Benoit of Vegreville-Wainwright and Wladyslaw Lizon of Mississauga East-Cooksville.

Rona Ambrose, minister for the status of women, told the Commons Monday that Canadians don’t want to revisit the abortion debate. Tory MPs have nonetheless repeatedly brought it up.

Late last year, the House struck down Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion to strike a committee to study the issue of when a child is considered a human being.

Woodworth’s motion was widely interpreted as a bid to reopen the abortion debate.


Graphic: Abortion in Canada — almost 100,000 documented terminations in 2009

Battle looming over Tory MP’s motion to condemn sex-selective abortions

New Mexico bill seeks to criminalize abortion after rape or incest because it constitutes ‘tampering with evidence’

Labels are dropping out of U.S. abortion debate amid concerns terms like ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-life’ confuse the conversation

Prime Minister Stephen Harper voted against the controversial motion, but 10 of his cabinet ministers broke ranks and supported Woodworth in the free vote.

Woodworth’s motion proposed that the committee would be responsible for presenting a report that would discuss the medical evidence around whether a child isn’t a human until its birth, whether that evidence is consistent with the Criminal Code, the legal impact and consequences, and the options available to Parliament to affirm, amend or replace that subsection of the code.

He said last fall the ultimate goal of his motion is to engage Canadians, through Parliament, in an open-minded review of the evidence and legal implications of that subsection of the code.

In 1988, the Supreme Court struck down Canada’s anti-abortion laws.

In December, another Conservative back-bencher introduced his own private member’s motion aimed at outlaying sex-selective abortions.

Mark Warawa, MP for Langley, explained that his campaign was about condemning a practice that sees female fetuses aborted because of their sex, and not about criminalizing abortion.

Warawa’s bill won’t be debated until February, and the NDP has already indicated it will vote against it, when the time comes.

“We’re not going to be fooled by Stephen Harper and his troops,†Mulcair told Postmedia News in December. “Mr. Harper swears out of one side of his mouth that he doesn’t want to reopen the abortion debate but he constantly uses his backbenchers to send in new attempts to.â€

With files from the National Post and Postmedia News

This will, hopefully, never fly, but there are at least 3 wingnuts out there who are pushing the idea that women are out there having a ton of late-term abortions when it's really rare.

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I'm not surprised that this keeps being pushed (generally, we tend to swing towards crazy in our own way at the same time the US does), but hopefully it won't get very far. It's just not that big a deal here.

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