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I suspect that Driscoll deletes some opposing comments. Some of his posters talk about people who write negative things but I couldn't find many negative comments.

Here are a few of comments from his page.

Mark Driscoll Tragically, we live in a day when offense to God doesn't matter nearly as much as offense to others.

This annoyed me because some religious people feel that it is their god given right to offend people in the name of their god, but they claim persecution when someone offends them.

Jimmy Kinkade Okay. Start defending God and stop defending others.

What does that even mean?

Dave van der Wal Sonni, not when the offense taken by others is due to them being told that their sins (which are endorsed by the world) are wrong. Would you rather offend a homosexual by telling them that they are living in sin, or offend God by telling them that their behaviour is OK?

Mark Driscoll The fiscal cliff ain't jack compared to the eternal cliff.

Mark Driscoll A baby is born and we love it. A baby is in the womb and we kill it. http://youtu.be/3tzx2J7gyCM

Mark Driscoll Don't question the goodness of God. Trust the goodness of God & obey his commands. It'll all work out in the end even if the end is the end of this life.

Mark Driscoll I recently heard two guys in their 20s passionately arguing over which superhero is the best of all. I took the liberty of asking them if they were single. They were. Who saw that coming?

Mark Driscoll Sitting in line at the store reading the magazine headlines for young women convinced me the articles were all written by dirty old men.

Jamie Faulkner Haskell We flip them over whenever we see them. I think I may start carrying post its with verses about purity to stick on them...hmmmm
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He and his followers aren't very fond of young men. I often wonder why feminism gets a reputation for man hating when the conservative Christians seem to be the ones who hate men.

Mark Driscoll For the first time in US history, single women are more likely than single men to go to college, go to church, have a job, or have a driver's license. A lot of 20-something single guys are about as useful as a potted plant.

John Gabriel Yacoub And that's just the way that the government and popular culture like it.

Dan Van Werkhoven Incidentally, potted plant describes a lot of them - sitting around the house all day doing nothing of any importance.

Richard Smith We can thank the Feminists and academic Marxists for that.

Matthew Shafer It's because their mother raised them without a dad in the house. It turns out the mother ran the dad off because she was assured of support against her husband from her girlfriends, church and the courts, she was a complete witch. Consequently the boy has no role model for how to be a man, and has Peter Pan syndrome...and then he fathers children and leaves, and the cycle perpetuates

Rachel Fret Well that's what you get when feminists raise boys. When you keep putting men down and elevating women what do you think the end result will be? We need to start raising boys and loving them for who they are so they can become real men we can all be proud of and who God intended them to be.

January 9 at 7:44pm via mobile · Like · 16

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