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Bill Gothard called out on Reddit


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I was glad to see Gothard's BS being called out in a pretty decisive way on Reddit today. Of course Reddit has more than its fair share of casually sexist man-children, but most of the commenters were pretty shocked at this one.

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s there a reddit comment thread on this?

You just KNOW Gothard has banged all of his secretaries.

Recovering Grace did an article on how Gothard liked to play footsies with the young girls.

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I wonder if Dougie the Tool realizes that his idol man-crush is being called out on Reddit. Can you imagine his blog response? :lol:

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Yeah, I can't wait until his groupies get wind of this and start foaming at the mouth to defend him. But in a passive-aggressive FU internetz kind of way of course.

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The secretary stuff needs to be put into the Snoop Dog translator and reposted. :lol:

Try this:

Dating by it's very definition leads to defrauding. It stirs up in one or both parties expectations that cannot be righteously satisfied. In dating, the girl often gives her heart to the fellow before the girl's father is even consulted.

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Wow, the secretary stuff is beyond belief. And I agree, I'm sure Gothard has banged his employees. He's so sketchy

I agree too. I don't know if it was on Recovering Grace or another anti-ATI site, where a former Gothard intern/employee said that Gothard tried to play footsie with her in a van.

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Datin' by it's real definishun leads t'defraudin'. It stirs down in one o' bod parties 'espectashuns dat kinnot be righteously satisfied. In datin', de goat often gives ha' heart t'de dude befo'e da damn goat's Big Daddy is even consulted.

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Datin' by it's real definishun leads t'defraudin'. It stirs down in one o' bod parties 'espectashuns dat kinnot be righteously satisfied. In datin', de goat often gives ha' heart t'de dude befo'e da damn goat's Big Daddy is even consulted.

:lol: Bill always sounds better after Snoops had his way :lol:

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The secretary stuff needs to be put into the Snoop Dog translator and reposted. :lol:

Safeguardz up in Selectin Secretaries

Many marriages break up over tha competin affectionz of a secretary, whoz ass has a pimped out advantage over a ho cuz her ass aint expectin extra benefits from her employer n' her ass be able ta look her dopest all up in tha workday.

When her employer praises her and do special thangs fo' her, tha secretary is surprised n' truly grateful. This spirit of gratefulnizz n' admiration appeals ta tha playa n' motivates his ass ta do mo' fo' her muthafuckin ass. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Soon he thinks, "If only mah ho was as grateful as her ass is, I would gots a aiiight marriage." :D

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I just found this comment:

I was raised with this guy's books. He was read seriously by my friends as a teenager (see the bit about courtship) as a guide for relationships.

Eventually, even my most conservative friends grew wise as Bill Gothard proved too nutjob even for them.

The two crazy opinions that made him unpopular:

Ties (which must be worn at all times) could have too much pizzaz, and lead to lust.

If your poop floats, you're going to Heaven. If it sinks, hell. (Seriously).

What's scary is that I assume the first one is true, and am not a bit surprised by the possibility that the second one is. Has anyone who knows Gotharism well ever heard this lovely bit of scatological theology before?

Here's the poster's profile:


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I have some vague memories of him saying stuff about poop floating and sinking. But I can't remember the details.

This is the guy who got obsessed with the periods of teen girls and came up with some idea that if they sleep special light bulbs it would cure pms, so I honestly wouldn't be surprised at anything.

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