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Hellatrix is err......spinning.


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you know..she does seem weird, but she also seems "real", if that makes sense. i would rather hang out with her than a lot of the people discussed on here.

Ehh. My sister is more or less like her, down to the weird names, birthing smugness and crazy mystical stuff, and trust me, she's no picnic to hang out with. Only difference is she doesn't have a blog. At least you get some good stories out of it, I guess?

I think if I was going to visit Hellatrix, I'd take something shiny to wave in front of her.

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They both live in filth and have kids that need a good bath?

And they both have a rigid system of childrearing that they advocate despite not seeming to like kids much. They have both forged lives and identities as SAHMs when they would clearly be happier in the workforce.

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