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Lol @ Hypocritical Republicans

Anxious Girl

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It seems they're desperate: http://news.msn.com/politics/in-crucial ... t-in-force

Here are some of the best comments in the article:

"Do you support the second amendment?" he asked, referring to the U.S. constitutional right to bear arms, and pointed at Lewis.

What about Columbine? The Colorado Shooting? The Sikh Temple Shooting? (Please forgive me if I'm ignorant about gun laws. :oops: )

This is the first presidential election since the founding of the Tea Party movement which aims to reduce the size of U.S. government.

:lol: :laughing-rolling:

Independent groups wandering around battleground states pose some risks for the Romney campaign. In the age of YouTube and Twitter, some officials worry that a canvasser could be caught on tape saying something too extreme for mainstream voters.

But I thought that pro-lifers such as Atkin, Murdoch, and Ryan are part of the Republican Party? :think: Guess not, then. :roll: And what about Romney's tape, hm?

"I'm going to vote for Romney. He has the business experience we need," Whitt said.

... I'm not even going to touch that. Ever heard of flip-flop Mitt? And that "Coorperations are people too B.S?

"Do you believe the government should take over health care?" Becker asks. "Are you better off now than in 2008?"

I thought that Christ-like conservative Christians which is what the Republians are would care about people. O wait... :doh: My stupidity for thinking that they would read and take advice from the man they are supposed to be basing their lives off of. And how can every single person get better in 4 years? Please tell me how. Besides, you're the 1s that don't want to provide necessities such as healthcare, so that people's lives become easier, remember?

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"I'm not doing this for Romney or the Republicans," said Chris Littleton, who is training some 50 volunteers to use the app. "I'm doing this because I'm against Obama."
And if Obama loses next week, this'll be why. Romney isn't that appealing and is so inconsistent in his positions few people will vote for him, it's just voting for the guy that isn't Obama. If this weren't the case, Gary Johnson would get all the conservative votes and Obama would get an easy victory.
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