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Meeting Meri from Sister Wives

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My headship noticed that Meri was running in a 5K nearby today, so we headed over to see if we could spot her. She was friendly and nice. I looked, but didn't see Kody or any of the other kids. What was interesting to me is that the goal of the 5K was raising money for people trying to get out of the FLDS, and there were some former FLDS there. Lo and behold, a picture of Meri holding my arrows.

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When I made the post above for some reason the words didn't show up and just the picture. I now see that you said she was friendly and nice. :lol:

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What was she like? She seems nice on the show.

She was really nice, but a little bit shy and definitely wasn't trying to draw attention to herself at all. I didn't notice any cameras and I don't think most people noticed her, actually. My headship asked if she'd hold both of our blurry arrows for a photo-op, and she laughed and said she would love to and that she loved babies. My baby kept trying to yank on her necklace and pulled her bangs, and she just laughed when I tried to stop him, and she said she didn't mind. The necklace was from their online store, Sister's Wife Closet or whatever, and I said it was cute and she said thanks and smiled.

Someone had been talking to her for a long time as my headship and I were waiting (we only talked to her for a second in order to get a picture for the Jingers), and the person went on and on and on. The stranger kept talking about how glad she was to see someone with an alternate lifestyle out there, etc. etc. and Meri was very polite and just listened as they lady kept talking and talking, but finally the stranger said she'd better let Meri go and Meri seemed relieved, and left for her car as soon as we were done taking the picture with our arrows.

ETA: Sorry FormerGothardite, I'd already replied before I saw your follow-up post:)

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OMG! Cute, squishy beebees!!! Squeeee!

Ok, all done, sorry. (my kids hate it when I call babies squishy, they're like wtf mom?!)

She looks like she is really happy in this pic, she doesn;t seem so happy on the show. I wonder if she's happier when she is away from the other wives?

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