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Any Way to Find This Post Cached?


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Tim B a y l y posted something, but then took it down. I'm just hopeless when it comes to this stuff and would appreciate any advice! Thank you.

Edited to take out direct link. See? Hopeless.

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No idea, but would love to read it...

Tim Bayly and his bro are my "fave" whackadoodle fundies; I always have to pick my jaw off the floor after reading their blog posts (Tim is more abrasive, actually).

Love the fact that he'll threaten to call the pastor of female commenters that he finds too "liberal" or "unbiblical"...And I've dreamdt of Kamilla receiving some schadenfreude (sp?). She's their #1 groupie and annoys me to no end.

Tim Bayly is such a contradiction: legalist to the extreme regarding wifely submission, but he's quite the classic rock afficionado. Actually, scratch the word "legalist"; make it "mega-obsessed" with wifely submission. Half his spiel on the blog are on that subject. Poor Mary Lee... :evil:

Loved the pic of the 2 bros that used to welcome us on their former blog. If I would have first seen that pic without knowing who they were and what the blog's schtick was I'd think that they were a charming gay couple celebrating their wedding on the day of their 25th anniversary.

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I couldn't find a Google cached version, and it wasn't in the Wayback Machine either. Unless someone took a screenshot before he removed it, you're probably out of luck.

If someone is subscribed to this blog in Google Reader, they might be able to see it still.

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