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Saudi Arabia builds city for women workers only.

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In one of my business classes I learned that female owners account for half of new businesses started in the US. Because we are half of the population, that makes sense and I'm certain that the same is true for Saudi women. When given the chance, they will be succesful business owners. It would seem more simple and cost effective to simply let men and women own businesses in the same city. However, maybe these women cities will inspire further change in Saudi. I wonder if the women will be allowed to drive in their cities.

My nieghbor's parents just retired after owning a computer repair business. The husband ran the shop and did the repairs while his wife took care of the accounting and financial duties. They both made decisions about the future of their business. In Saudi would the male owner have to hire another man to do his accounting instead of letting his wife use her skill to help in their business?

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