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Amy Joy (Corner of Joy blog) on Islamic World Studies

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Have we discussed this blog before? It's interesting. She has travelled the world, briefly considered becoming a Muslim, and didn't grow up fundie. She is now submissive, and basically skirts-only. She does work full-time (to pay off debt). She hopes to be a SAHM, but it seems like she might have some fertility issues (they have been trying since the wedding in March of 2011). She reminds me of Lina in a way I can't quite put my finger on.

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0 kids n not countin
I have a college degree in Political Science. I also have minors in History and Islamic World Studies. I got the minor in Islam with the goal of being able to share Christ with Muslims. It has actually be very beneficial to that end.

:roll: :x

Just found her blog, it's interesting to read as she slowly becomes more and more fundie with each passing day. It fascinates me in the same way the Munck's blog does. She's been married for about 1.5 years but hasn't been able to conceive yet so she still works full-time and all her money is going to help her and her husband become debt free. Since she's leaving her fertility up to go, she won't get tested to see if anything is wrong and her husband won't get tested either.

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