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Kelly Depression in her vs depression in her children

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I have been following Kelly over at Generation Cedar and I see nothing has changed with her. On July 19th, she had a post titled, "Nothing Good Was Ever Easy" and is about her struggling with depression after the tornado. On the 27th of July she has a post titled, "Practical Ways to Raise Grateful Children". I guess it never crossed her mind that her children could be suffering from depression and PTSD from the tornado too. Oh no, they must be perfect while Kelly can suffer with her depression. :cry:

Storms are a hard, necessary part of life. I know many of you must be going through storms of your own. Have you found your Father there?

Over the last few months, I’ve been in a place no other human could touch. How can a place such as that be so painful and yet so glorious all at once?

When we are there, we are compelled to look up, to cry out to the only One who “can be touched with the feeling of our infirmitiesâ€.

Suffering from depression brought another unexpected blessing. As my husband tried so desperately to help me, he became more like Christ, more like the picture our marriages are supposed to be, and “in my weakness he was strongâ€. He prayed over me, with me and for me; he encouraged me to lower my expectations, he helped me find refreshment, and most importantly, he waited patiently and he did not trivialize my very real feelings.

Isn't that sweet? Her husband helped her by waiting patiently as she worked through her feelings. Does she show this same grace to her children when they are struggling with depression? Hell no! After all the money that Kelly was given, items replaced, etc. she was still down and depressed (and I am not faulting her for that) but I am faulting her for how she treats her children who suffered as well. If anyone should be greatful for all they have been given, she should.

Here is how she treats her children (who are struggling with being greatful).

So, I offer a random list of ideas to implement a spirit of contentment in our own lives and hopefully that spirit captivates those with whom we live as well: 3. Serving Close Up

While it’s a starker contrast to minister in the midst of deprivation (and perhaps necessary to address extreme heart issues of ingratitude), serving in any context is our calling and will root out selfishness, the thief of contentment. Self has a ravenous appetite. When all our time, energy and focus are consumed on ourselves, our SELVES demand more. (This is something that bothered us when our first child was in school. We were consumed with the activities we felt pressured to participate in, leaving not only our family time strained, but we felt all we did was cater to “the little girlâ€.)

As we look around for the smallest ways to share with others, bless others through our gifts and resources, we feed the spirit of generosity and it grows larger than our needs. Jesus left His example for us to follow:

“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.â€

Prepare meals for someone around you, invite a family over who may not have many social opportunities, if your children play instruments let them play at a nursing home (or you could all go sing–they don’t care, they just love your being there), send cards, do some yard work for a single woman–discuss as a family how you could meet the needs of others around you. As you turn outward, the spirit of contentment will grow.

I could really take off on a tangent here (OK, I will), but I hope you will consider how our entertainment-driven culture seeks to steal our minds, our time, our energies–and ultimately, our contentment.

Have you been in a crowd of children/teenagers lately? If you’re not regularly surrounded by the mainstream teen, it can be shocking to watch what has happened to their brains and social skills. I don’t even know the names of all the hand-held contraptions, so I’m not going to embarrass myself. But I haven’t seen a family lately, eating at a restaurant or other social setting with a teen who wasn’t totally absorbed in his texting “conversationâ€. And if I understand it correctly, if you are a teen that goes to public school, it is unthinkable not to have the comparable gadgets of your friends. Not that gadgets in and of themselves are wrong, (my laptop is a gadget, I suppose), but I said all that to get you to think about how self-focused and recreationally-minded we are raising our children to be. Even if they were prone to think of others, their minds hardly have a free moment to entertain any ideas of the sort. Just sayin’.

OK, I’m back.

Oh Kelly, you sanctimonious bitch. How much blessing of others have you done this past year? It has been about "you" and what "you" want and need.

5. Gratitude journal and exercises.

One of my children who needed a more rigid exercise in this area is keeping an exercise journal. This child must also read an excerpt out of a selected book (Moral Lessons From Yesteryear) and pray, on the knees, for some people in our lives who have had misfortune.

Kelly, how much time have you spent in the past year, on your knees, praying for the people who did not have their Christian minions to send them money? Oh wait, you don't have to do that because they are beneath you because they took the ebil FEMA aid. I'm sorry, I forgot.

And though I hope you all share your ideas, on that note I’ll end with this sweet little whisper from the Lord through the Psalm I opened to the day after I wrote the Gratitude post. These words became my prayer for the day:

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.â€

You want my idea Kelly? You need to go spend several weeks with the extreme poor in Birmingham. You live such a sheltered life and since you believe, after all, that you should

Prepare meals for someone around you, invite a family over who may not have many social opportunities
why don't you learn from those who are doing it how it is really done. When I see pictures on your blog, showing you actually going out and doing all you can to serve those who are the downtrodden (the people in your church...your inner circle of friends...they don't count) and not doing it so people will pat you on the back, then you might have something worthwhile to write about.

In the meantime, instead of making your children spend time on their knees why don't you work on lowering your expectations of your children being grateful when you yourself aren't. Give them the same grace your husband gave you.

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I hate her, I really, really hate her. And I suspect her children will grow up to feel the same way.

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Kelly makes me sick. On January 23rd of this year Birmingham was hit by yet another tornado. 2 lives were lost, and the devastation here is just incredible. Multiple neighborhoods were completely leveled. Did Kelly mention praying for them? Nope, it's still all about her.

It's really no surprise that she expects more of her children than she does of herself...that's how these fundies operate in my experience.

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