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New photos of Sauntina Staddon

0 kids n not countin

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Epic fail if they were going for Sonatina. Reminds of the trashy families in my hometown the names of their poor kids because the parents were too uneducated, ignorant, and lazy to look up how to spell names. Like naming a baby girl Airial. UGH

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I was teaching Robert how to refresh his smile! Keep it up Robert, you'll get it!

(This is from alitreofencouragement.blogspot.com.) Do they keep sweet to such an extent that they honestly have to "refresh their smile" and practice it? Disturbing...


Edited to add: Sauntina LaVerle is a HORRIFIC name. Kendalyn comes from a family of weird names so apparently she wants to continue the tradition. I'll be eagerly anticipating the next blessing just to see what they name it!

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