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Found 6 results

  1. viii

    Favourite ASMR

    Is anyone else into ASMR? I don't like the talking videos, but I find the soap crunching ones to be nice. However, my favourite ASMR to watch are the food ones, which is super weird because if I hear something chewing IRL, it makes me so irritated. I'm coming to realize that I don't care so much for their eating noise, but I like to see what they're eating. So I'm starting to gravitate more towards mukbangs. I like the more exotic channels because they eat so differently than I do. I love the cooking process, so I like when they include that in the beginning of the video. Favourite Youtubers to watch: - SAS Asmr - Linh - Dorothy - NE Let's Eat - LiBi TV
  2. JesusHDuggar

    My Fundie Youtube Channel

    Hey all! I've been working hard on making Youtube videos lately. I talk about different subjects and people that relate to fundamentalism while doing my makeup (GRWM = Get ready with me). Like the Pearls, Bill Gothard, the Duggars, etc. My goal is to be educational plus funny. I inject a lot of memes and jokes in the videos and I like to manipulate clips I find of my subjects online. I am shooting all of these on my iphone and I'm learning to use the editing software, so sometimes the videos can be rough at times. I wanted to share my videos with FJ because this was the forum that really got me invested in fundies. I also feel like this community might get some of the more obscure references to different people in the videos. This has become a labor of love for me. I am going to link to my 3 best videos (in my opinion, at least.) Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. Vision Forum The Pearls The Duggars Part 1
  3. Is anyone else enamored, fascinated, and/or disgusted by family vloggers? There are the notable ones like Bratayley and Shaytards -- sort of the "first" ones to do this -- but it seems like more and more have been cropping up over the past few years. It looks like it has a lot to do with the influx of YouTube sponsorships being handed down, as a lot of these family channels have whole videos that are essentially commercials. I think this topic would have a place on FreeJinger not only for the notoriety of this in general, but also that some of these families are large, are putting their kids in the spotlight, and/or have questionable beliefs. As one might expect, there are a lot of ethical quandaries about privacy and publicly sharing footage of children who are too young to consent, as opposed to this just being part of where social media is headed. From my own personal viewing habits, there are ones that I actually quite like (Life with Beans, This Gathered Nest), ones I only really watch to snark at (The Murrays, The Stauffer Life/Myka Stauffer), and ones that give me an icky feeling (The Epik Life, formerly Epik Brandon Family). Again, those are just ones that I regularly view or keep up with, and I'm interested to see what everyone else thinks about this. (I'm actually really surprised this wasn't already a topic; mods, feel free to move this if there's something I didn't see.)
  4. Does anyone else watch religious related Youtube videos a lot? If so, feel free to some of your favourite content creators. I like The Bible Reloaded, especially when they review Chick tracts and kids Christian shows. I've never been involved with Scientology or Jehovas Witnesses, but I also like the Angry Gay Pope and Apostate Chick.
  5. formergothardite

    Really Weird Religious YouTube Videos

    I posted a weird video in a Duggar thread and someone asked where I found it, well I get bored and search for really strange religious YouTube videos. I thought I would share some. Feel free to share others! This one is something else. A public access show about the Bible and aliens. It has an alien, a talking cat, ventriloquist dummy, and a guy who can't read the cue cards. Celebrating Easter by doing aerobics out in a park! The breakfast song. This preacher is has some major issues with his congregation. Christian break dancing. We can't have a thread like this without Jack Schaap and his rod.
  6. JesusFightClub

    Post a youtube

    I always love seeing FJists' music choices, so please post what you are listening to. I am on a folk thing at the moment strangely. It's like comfort music for me. (Hope these work) PqbI6UyVimQ That one's in Scots so Americans might struggle a bit with it. Quick translations: tak' tent o = take note of or pay attention to swart supper't = they fed him enough food heid bummer = like "high heid yin", it's a contemptuous way of talking about a boss wheeched = it's like grabbing or snatching something. "He wheeched it awa'." nae mair = what it is in English, "no more" ken't = knew. "Ken" is "know" in Scots. So for example "Ah didnae ken" means "I didn't know" gey close tae scunnert = the best way I can describe this is "He was really near to being in bad trouble" but Hulett means it as "He nearly died". If you're scunnert, you're fucked, basically. ower blaistart = they were very excited and angry (there is not a clear translation for this, I don't think). Ilk wey = every way (the lyric says "every way the government turned they were in trouble", as best as I can translate) Hopefully other Scots can explain better than me Here is a nice song in English after that. This is very popular on the Left, strangely. a0UA2UjJYbU And a hymn, to fit in with the tone of the board. (A very nice one) SmDwjDiDXb8 A personal favourite (I apologise in advance for this. I really am sorry. It just gets stuck in my head) nHY14OVk7r0 Now I would like to hear your YouTube favourites
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