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  1. LilMissMetaphor


    Who's in? I don't have a plot or any ideas yet. Not that that's particularly new for me. I'm a total pantser. I'm not starting at midnight. I'm too old for that shit.
  2. LilMissMetaphor

    Nano 2020

    Who's in???
  3. viii

    NaNo 2019

    Who is getting ready for NaNoWriMo this year?! I’d like to take November to get the rest of my novel hopefully close to finished. I’d like to be completely done it by the end of the year so I can work on editing and second draft for 2020.
  4. clueliss

    NaNoWriMo 2018

    Anyone else attempting NaNoWriMo this year? I have lost my mind. I'm doing this. We'll ignore the fact that this is my busy season in the day career. I'm stealing characters I worked on for something 20 or so years ago. And reworking a mystery novel/procedural into Urban Fantasy. (I told you, I've lost my mind).
  5. Once_Upon_A_Fundie

    Any literary agents out there?

    Are there any quivering literary agents and/or published authors on this board? I'm an editor/content strategist by trade and have a completed romantic novel I'm in the process of querying. Since I'm a new author I could really use some friendly querying advice and/or recommendations on good women's fiction/romance agents to contact. My day job is in news media (so, you know, all I do is write #fakenews all day), and I'm pretty excited to jump into fiction for a little while.
  6. OK Who is doing NaNoWriMo this year? What are you writing about? Can we all be writing buddies and such? I'm gonna TRY and I hope I can make it! Yes, I did just dredge up a thread from 2012 because I didn't know where to post this, and I figured someone somewhere had already started a thread. previous thread: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4419
  7. theinvisiblegirl

    Where Are The Writers?

    Calling all writers! I can't be the only person on FJ that wants to have a fraction of the literary success that J.K. Rowling has. What are you working on? Do you have writers block? Are you published? Let's talk about the worlds and people we create in our minds and put down on paper!
  8. Hi guys, I'm kind of at my wit's end. I'm studying one class at a time and the end is nowhere in sight. I'm physically disabled and have mental health issues that prevent me from working but I don't want to sit here doing nothing with my life. I've always loved to write, and I've always done well academically with all facets of writing so I was thinking maybe I could hone my skills online and maybe see if I can eventually make it into a job on a small scale. It wouldn't have to pay, I'd just like to write somewhere and build up a portfolio with non-paying samples of published work so I can one day and apply for paying jobs. I just have absolutely no idea how to go about it. I love creative writing but haven't done it in years. I'm probably better suited to writing articles than short stories (I would need to work on my creative writing with peers reviewing my work, whereas I get feedback all the time from my university about my papers). Writing is such a competitive and over-saturated field online but I'm not looking to become a blogger or work for big sites. I'm not even looking for a job that pays. Any ideas on how I can go about this? I know I need sample work, but I have no idea what constitutes a sample.
  9. Yesterday in a discussion here at FJ, I linked to something by Pastor Joe Schimmel. I know I've talked about him before regarding a different movie. Someone at that time suggested a thread. I thought I'd blog about things first. Depending on reactions, I might start a thread. If you enjoy fundie rabbit holes of the angry, judgemental pastor variety - take the rescue ferrets and head on in. I not only listened to this guy - I went back and listened to his podcast history. (Podcast/radio here: http://www.goodfightradio.org/ ) He is very focused on 'gay agendas.' Very focused on satanic worship, demons, and can trace all sorts of new age stuff in his warped mind to Aleister Crowley. But I let him get in my head. I was trying to be the good Christian. I was, admittedly, on a path to fundie light. A few years ago I tossed 'religion' to the side. I've elevated past narrow-minded, legalistic thinking. Joe is very big into seeing the "Gay Agenda" everywhere. (a sample of his entries on homosexuality: http://cupofjoe.goodfight.org/tag/homosexuality/ ) And Satan. And demons. ( sample of his bits about the occult and such: http://cupofjoe.goodfight.org/category/cults-occult/ ) He has videos out there about 'They Sold Their Souls to Rock and Roll.' and "Hollywood's War on God." http://cupofjoe.goodfight.org/video/ (more videos at the link) This morning I went looking for a quote from him about Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight books. And yup - I found what I was looking f http://cupofjoe.goodfight.org/twilight-harry-potter-the-wizard-of-oz-and-the-wiccan-revival/ Sorry - had to enter to be able to do what I wanted to there. Joe has his material spread across a few websites. Don't miss this one https://www.goodfight.org/ He has videos on this one discussing Hollywood Movies. Click on the "theater" button to explore that one.
  10. clueliss

    Thank You For Your Suggestion

    So yesterday I saw a meme on Facebook that made me go hmm. It triggered - or rather confirmed a direction for my writing. My writing has been on hold for a while. For many reasons that I'm going to spare you here. Because that is not the point of this entry. Although the start over in the meme is what I'll probably do with the project that won't go away. That I tried to set aside and, yes, is again nagging at me. And when I shared, I did put a line or two about my writing when I shared the post. Some friends hit like. I appreciate that. Then there is that one friend. The one trying to be, shall we say, overly helpful. She hit like but she also replied that she had gone to a local library and heard a mystery writer talk and had I read her books. I did the virtual version of smile and nod. Or in this case, replied that I had just finished (no, really, yesterday) a book by this author. Did not say that I found the novel adequate but lacking (the concept was good, wanted to smack the protagonist and I just can't love a book where I dislike the protagonist unless you are, say, Patricia Highsmith and we are talking Ripley). So thanks for your... what do I call that? Support? Although that is not support. I know you think it is. Because for me it was a books suggestion from someone who knows I like mystery and suspense but doesn't really 'get' what I really read and enjoy in a book (and I can be very very nit-picky) And while I'm on a ramble about suggestions, can we talk about reading suggestions. You've seen them around the net. Books to read if you loved "Gone Girl" for instance. This is not helpful to me. What I need is suggestions for books to read if I read "Gone Girl" wanted to love "Gone Girl" and found the whole experience a load of hooey and I should have gone with my initial gut reaction and skipped it but didn't because I wanted to see what the big deal was (after the movie came out). And, okay, I may have read it to check out the whole unreliable narrator aspect. By the way, the friend above babbled to me in person about "Girl on the Train" and said, paraphrasing, I had a hard time getting into it but then I did and I figured it out way before the end. This, by the way, was a glowing recommendation. No, really, because it confirmed my suspicions (see all comparisons I had read to Gone Girl) about my not reading the book. I don't want to figure it out long before the ending.
  11. So I'm binge watching season 2 (so far) of Blindspot. Yes, I have a TV addiction. No, I'm not going to reform. While watching an episode this morning before my weekly trip to my weight watchers cult meeting an episode dropped in the tidbit that Joss Whedon wrote 'the good parts' of the movie Speed. Say what? Now Speed is a movie I've seen eleventy times. I've used it for 20+ years to study plot structure. And Joss Whedon is not who got the credit (Graham Yost did). So I took to google and found an interview at Huffington Post about this with Whedon. I think I'm going to have to watch Speed again. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/10/joss-whedon-speed_n_5473795.html
  12. AtroposHeart

    Any fanfiction authors?

    I am currently writing a "Legend of Korra" fic. I was wondering if there were others
  13. I asked a question in the Lori Alexander thread about passive voice and got some great responses that really helped me finally understand what that means. @older than allosaurs continued the topic in more depth, but didn't want to derail the Lori thread. I want to hear more so I'm starting this thread
  14. 19 cats and counting

    Can any writers help me out?

    I'm about to submit my first freelance writing piece and I'm 99% done/edited with it. Question is about puns. In one sentence I mention an album title and then in the next sentence I mention a song title (as part of the sentence). Should I put the song title in quotes or just let it slide and see if people notice. (The album is a very popular one and the song is a hit single, so it's nothing obscure).
  15. clueliss

    One Month Until Camp!

    It's less than a month until Camp Nanowrimo! Held twice a year (April & July). I enjoy camp more than regular Nanowrimo because I can set my own goal and/or work on other things. Due to various circumstances I've done little with my writing since November ended. I have been thinking though. Before I even ended my 2015 pursuit, I had come to the conclusion that November goes much better if I, gasp, prepare. Which means I have to have an idea of what I'm writing a year in advance. So I'm going to use Camp in April & November to do characterization, backstory and maybe a bit of plot work. I can also use it to edit a novel I already have in progress. They have a formula buried in the camp rules (or the nano site) to convert editing time into word count. Yes, I'm excited. Now, where's Miss Raquel....
  16. From the ages of about 11-18, I wrote like a demon - plays, short stories, fanfiction, poetry, you name it. It was pretty raw, but looking back, some it was actually good. In college I had less time, but would go through sporadic periods of writing. Last year I was hit by depression and stopped writing entirely, especially since a failed project was very much tied to the problem. Only lately have I been able to start up again, with a couple of articles and a novel in the works. Now, it's like I've totally lost my confidence. Everything I write sounds stupid, and I can't produce more than a couple of sentences at a time, though I'm still getting lots of interesting ideas. Any advice for getting back into the habit, and working past the "stupid" feeling?
  17. LilMissMetaphor


    Write it? Don't write but read? I wrote poetry in high school (very angsty, natch) and university. I dabbled in most of the forms. I wrote a couple of sonnets (which were actually quite good for meter and scansion). I fancied myself Walt Whitman for a while. Favorite poem ever is Ulysses. I'm not much for modern poetry in general though I do love me a good Canadian poet like A.J.M Smith.
  18. Walking Cat Bed

    Short stories!

    Since I'm in grad school, I don't have a TON of time for writing fiction, but someone on FJ mentioned that a successful apocalyptic cult story would be interesting. And I wrote a bit as a teaser -- I'm planning on writing more on this topic Here's the start of it: wh.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/2sijjk/i_found_an_audio_cassette_nsfw/. It has a trigger warning for implied actions more than explicit descriptions (planned mass suicide/murder, child abuse). Anyone else write the occasional short story?
  19. No Cure for Stupid

    I Want to Write a Book

    Lately, I've really found myself wanting to write a book. I've been writing stories since I could write, period. Why am I posting this here? I want to write an urban fantasy book about a recovering fundie from a mega family. The main character has always seen things, but tried her best to keep them to herself. Her parents believe she is possessed, and they have her exorcised. The event is so traumatic that she ends up attempting suicide. Disgusted, her parents kick her out, and she has to fend for herself for the first time. The silver lining? She finds out that she's not possessed or insane. She is actually seeing ghosts and through the disguises of angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures. She gets recruited as a demon hunter and pursues a career as a police officer. I was hoping that someone could lead me to some resources for my story. I need to know more about growing up fundie such as rules and expectations. I want to name my main character after a rebellious woman of the Bible; preferably a name used multiple times so the name would be more fundie-approved. The biggest resource I need is some kind of free, online KJV Bible with verse translations that I can actually understand. Thank you so much for any help.
  20. happy atheist

    Critique Groups

    Does anyone else belong to a critique group, or other writing organization? I lead an in-person critique group that meets weekly. We've been meeting for years. It's a nice way to interact with other writers, and get feedback on your work. Friends and family members don't always feel like they can give honest feedback, and they aren't always qualified to give good input. I'm also a member of a local writers' group that holds monthly meetings on a variety of topics. There are talks by authors of various genres, panel discussions, and open reading nights. I only attend that when the topic is something I care about, but it's another way to connect with others who share this solitary hobby. They also host a monthly breakfast at a restaurant, and a monthly happy hour. Recently I took part in a 6 week writing workshop with a local author. It was a different kind of critique group than my usual, and it was very interesting. I'll probably do it again when I have enough extra cash on hand. I don't think that the FJ boards is a good place to start a critique group, but I would be happy to give advice to anyone looking to start a group of their own. There are pitfalls to avoid.
  21. Anyone out there willing and able to provide feedback on a short story I'm presenting in class tomorrow (Thursday)? I'm hoping for somebody who doesn't know me (which is why this is here, not Facebook) so they have no preconceptions. Private message me if you're willing.
  22. crazyforkate

    Naming Characters

    So writers, how do you name characters? What's important to you? I like taking the top 1000 of a given year in the country it takes place (though, say, US and Canada may be fairly interchangeable). Basically, it needs to be conceivable that a someone living in that time and place might be named that way. However, they also can't be too close to a person I know well. My dad's name is David, so I will never have a character named David - I will just imagine my dad instead of the character. At the same time, the name has to be based on the character I have in mind, who usually comes to mind fully formed. Baby name websites (especially NameVoyager) and Wikipedia might really help when I'm looking for just the right name (one of my characters is Hungarian, so I just went through a list of Hungarian athletes). As well, I can't have too much repetition. There can't be too many names of the same rhythm, first letter or origin, which is what I'm currently struggling with. So far, in my ensemble cast I have Elizabeth (Beth) Lynskey (main character), Claire Holland, Monika Fodor (Hungarian) and Roman Zharkov (Russian), Cameron McDonough, Daisy Blair, Colleen Gibson, Susannah Lawrence, Max Hewitt, Julia Dusek (Czech), Joel/Spencer (not 100% sure) Ross and a professor known by the surname Bowman. All are to some extent based on real people, but their names are pretty dissimilar. Not all of these characters may appear in the finished novel, but I'm definitely worried about having just the right amount of variety. What do you focus on? Which resources do you turn to?
  23. crazyforkate

    The FJ Writer's Thread

    Any other writers on this site? Professional, hobby, whatever. I started writing when I was 11. I've previously written plays, short stories and way too much fanfiction. Right now I'm at work on my first original novel, which believe it or not was inspired by that horrid SAHD story about the abortion clinic we read the other day. We'll see how it goes, I'm still figuring out the characters. What are your current projects?
  24. Hey, I am brainstorming a book which takes place in a world where a fundie-like Empire controls most of the world. I have this rather important plot point where a boy in that fundie society meets a non-fundie girl for the first time in his life and...I am stuck on how his reaction is suppose to be. For those wondering their personalities Man=highly intelligent, easy bored, cynical, Woman= intelligent, thoughtful, opinionated, stubborn How do you think it would go?
  25. Yes, after doing many readings and researches of the fundies we talk about here, I would like to share with you my characters that I have written for my stories. I won't show my stories with you yet, I'm still not finished, but I would like to show you characters based on Dougie, the Botkins, Maxwells, Duggars etc. So Enjoy, and tell me what you think? Here are Doug Philips and his family; Filbert Blackwater-a Pastor and Elder of his own Church, he practices Dominion Theology, an advocate for Antifeminism and a lover of Patriarchy. He is a androcentrist (male-centered) and a homosocialist (enjoying male company). He is straight but finds women somewhat disgusting, at least independent women; his father was a 'manly' preacher and his mother was a free loving hippie. He was scared of his mother but loved his docile, domestic sisters. He enjoys dressing up in periodic clothing and celebrating Christian events, mostly manly Christian events such as the Titanic, ancient Christian persecution and WW2; all which he thinks are Christian inspired. He's chauvinistic, anti-secular, anti-liberal, jovial, patriocentric and slightly narcissistic. Filbert seems to have an obsession with leadership and portraying men as protective, honest, pious, virtuous, masculine heroes in his sermons or in the films his ministry makes. And every time he speaks of women, it is mostly in terms of modesty, childbearing/rearing, purity, and that daughters/wives must be protected and cherished as delicate flowers who must heed the word of the good book and obey its rules of marriage, submission, and keeping the home in check. He strongly opposes public schools, youth groups, feminism, and even environmentalism; stating the the good book teaches Man is given 'dominion' over all things as stated in Genesis. He believes misogyny means 'feminists hating women and forcing them to work as harlots, with pants and sleeveless shirts, and forced to work in places where men could take advantage of them. Feminism is a hatred of family, marriage, homemaking, forcing women to go to war and let the State raise the children (which has connections with Communism and Marxism), and favors abortion and lesbianism'. Pella Blackwater-wife of Filbert, a lovely lady of virtue and femininity. But virtue is somewhat loose in this term; Pella could be very generous, by giving only quarters, onions and jam to the homeless; she can be proper, only to politely insult heretics and heathens; she can be compassionate, only to see small children as an utter annoyance. Above all, she is sincerely sensible, picky, inconsiderate and a crybaby. Titus-Filbert's eldest son, very cute but with many issues; he's a homophobic, anti-catholic, arrogant, attention-seeking snot who thinks of himself as manly because he works out and has fun with his father all the time. He's secretly bisexual but tries to oppress his crush on sexy male celebrities. He calls all Catholics 'Papists' and all Gays 'Sodomites'. Alberta-Filbert's eldest daughter, an uptight, pushy, smug young woman with the tendency to be a voyeur. But is mostly obsessed with her own hygiene; she gets very panicky around dirt and messes. Another thing about her is that she has fetish fantasies about wolves; as a child, she loved reading fairy tales about wolves and finds them seductive and rough. Jobelle-second eldest daughter, a graceful little daddy's girl with a beautiful voice and a streak of Electra Complex; she's jealous when her father is with her mother, sister or other women. She can be antisemitic, islamophobic and impatient. She literally dreams about marrying a man exactly like her father, almost like a clone. She also has a secret fantasy of being raped by him. Her other interests include cooking, playing the piano, sewing, and squashing mice. Mather-second eldest son, obsessed with creationism and Christian science, kind of nerdy, foolish, awkward, bossy, asexual but enjoys being with his brothers and father a lot. Despite his asexuality, he seems to have a slight obsession with masculinity and male physique. He also believes in old obsolete theories about gender, sexuality and race. Howard-youngest son, obedient and naive but a taunting teaser. His interests include squashing ants and spiders. He has a phobia of dogs. Hopeful-youngest daughter, a sweet, obedient little girl but a nosy, eavesdropping tattler. She likes playacting/ridiculing feminists, showing off her dresses and trapping butterflies in jars to let them die.
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