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  1. I don't think these posts by Carmon Friedrich have been mentioned yet, but they are a fantastic read. Basically, it sounds like she has really been rethinking some of the strains of Christianity that she was involved with in prior years and talking about where that journey is taking her. Good stuff here. As someone who came out of fundie legalism, I can identify with some of what she said. Here are the posts so far: visionarywomanhood.com/no-more-fake/ visionarywomanhood.com/no-more-fake-part-two/' And yes, this is the Visionary Womanhood blog which used to host more than a little bit of VF-related crazy. I got curious and read over her blog and it sounds like she has really been rethinking some of her former stances and some of the bloggers she runs with. I think it's heartening to see some folks starting to question the legalism and some of the extra-biblical beliefs they pushed on people for so long. However, I do wish they'd be a little more honest about it. It's one thing to just say, "Oh, I used to be a legalist but now I'm not." However, Natalie at Visionary Womanhood and others have totally scrubbed their blogs of old content, resource lists, etc... I think it would be more honest and probably even more powerful to keep that stuff up because it's one thing to hear someone say where they used to be and where they are now. It's quite another to be able to go back and see the journey out there in print. Seeing that journey in others was very inspirational to me when I moved away from the hardcore calvinistas and I think it might also help others. I can see where it might be a little cringeworthy but then again, who you were in 2008 is who you were in 2008.
  2. Visionary Womanhood attempts logic in Defending Babies 101 Honestly, as much as I would love to pick their argument apart, logic isn't one of my strong suits. The first point ticked me off, though. My first thought was, "But it's a parasite!" Perhaps, one of you smarties can have some fun with this. visionarywomanhood.com/defending-babies/
  3. Is this about us? In that case were are sick (former) children. As always they blame everything on feminism... Not sure what it means to be a "sick child" though. Full version: visionarywomanhood.com/to-correct-or-not-to-correct-your-husband-a-pendulum-post/ Short version: generationcedar.com/main/2012/12/to-correct-or-not-to-correct-your-husband.html
  4. Over at Visionary Womanhood, Wemmick Girl (?) has a new post up concerning the evils of socialism. In itself, that isn't a new topic for our favorite fundamentalists: They love Caesar's money and are loathe to part with one red cent of it when they believe it may go towards helping someone they consider unworthy. WG takes that histrionic whining a step further, however, infecting the internet with a post called, “True of Forced Charity?†Here's how she begins: WG sees no disconnect at all between introducing her shoddy, fact-free ideas with that condescending back-hand while at the same time referring to other people as “guilt manipulators†later in her article. Why yes that does sound familiar. Now where have I read something like that before? Oh yeah! Spooooooooooky. *GASP* Not socialism. Why that's worse than homosexuality and Obama put together! I live in Canada and our hybrid economy seems to be working fairly well for us. The same is true for countries in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. (WG fails to grasp here is that Communism and Socialism are not the the same thing; the two terms are not interchangeable.) Uh huh; because WG's piece has nothing whatsoever to do with propaganda. She's telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – and objectively, too! (Writing like hers is part of the reason why the term 'Christian' has become synonymous with “pig-ignorant liar†for some people.) Biblical charity was not voluntary; it was compulsory. Put down the John Birch crap and actually read your Bible. No; arresting people and locking them up forever without charging them is tyranny. Genocidal policies are tyranny. Government censorship is tyranny. Taxation is not tyranny. It's the buy-in people who can afford it must make to participate in the social contract with all its attendant benefits. And from this common purse - civil, state/provincial, and federal - we get roads, fire departments, police protection, military strength, public education, and the social safety net. If you don't like paying taxes, don't pay them. Just work under the table. Steal the roads the rest of us pay for. Steal the police protection the rest of us pay for. Benefit by our humane social contract without contributing a damned thing to it. It's what Jesus would want. ...which explains why Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both live in the slums without the benefit of indoor plumbing: They created so much, and then the tyrannical government took it all away. Amirite? The only place in the West where that happens is in your fever dreams, dimbulb. And exactly how should one go about doing that? By making the poor beg and grovel as if they were subhuman and undeserving before they can have access to the pittance you may finally give them in your efforts to win brownie points with God. Well of course you'll feel better about yourself, having found someone over whom you can exercise an inordinate amount of control by using the threat of starvation as a means to gain their compliance. ...or you could do the right thing, pay your tithe and your tax, allow the poor confidentiality and dignity in their request for help from social services, and just be thankful for you what you have (rather than being an ungrateful bastard and whining about how others are always getting the benefits you deserve). Yeah, right, The politicized religious right wing is one of the most mean-spirited, miserly, amoral, cramped movements ever to pollute the social discourse – and WG is solidly in their corner. The economy of grace modelled by Jesus – i.e., he gave lavishly and daily without hope of return – is a kind of socialism. (If you don't like that fact, do the morally honest thing and quit claiming to be a Christian.) WG then goes on to post a bunch of horseshit from a book called, “Productive Christians in an Age of Guilt Manipulators.†I don't have the patience to beat on some more empty rubber dummies right now, however, so I'll end this post here.
  5. Visionary Womanhood has a post by a woman named Chelsey Hall.The gist is that God and George Washington want you to vote the way your headship tells you. Also she is proud that she and her headship are one-issue voters. In the comments, one woman asks, what if your conscience tells you to vote for a different candidate than your husband. Chelsey Hall pours cold water on the idea that women can have a conscience or moral reasoning. Do what your husband tells you, even if he tells you to do something obviously wrong. It will all work out because the only way for a married woman to obey God is to obey her husband. Then this exchange breaks out: visionarywomanhood.com/voting-prayer-time-ready-edit-april The Sue person seems a bit bemused, but she doesn't seem sarcastic to me. It kills me that these women cannot handle even a hint of criticism.
  6. So, I don't know too much about Carmon Friedrich, but there was a thread about her on the old board: http://freejinger.yuku.com/topic/7516/W ... 30BM45o7RY She has a post on visionarywomanhood.com: visionarywomanhood.com/put-confidence-princes/ The post is not too interesting, but it talks about her family's political activism and how her sons became disillusioned with the Republican candidates. Even Republicans are too "statist" for her. There is a picture of one of her sons at a pro-life rally he organized in the '90's. I wonder if this is Hans, the oldest son who rebelled, or another son? Also, the following exchange is in the comments: I find the VW blog interesting because the owner, Natalie Klejwa, is so obviously trying to package the Vision Forum crap to appeal to more mainstream Christians. She is a member of John Piper's congregation. It is interesting to me that she should start an online "ministry" instead of getting more involved in her local church.
  7. A guest author on Visionary Womanhood writes: A reader comments: I feel sorry for these women, but I feel sorry for their children even more. Being silly together is a way our family bonds. We have lots of silly inside jokes and sayings. Why are these women so afraid of being silly? I think it points to something deep-seated in the fundy mindset. ETA linkiness: visionarywomanhood.com/silly-girl/
  8. A new post on Visionary Womanhood quotes Gary North (Rushdoony son-in-law, advocate of stonery, slavery, and other BIblical social programs, Y2K freakout proponent, etc.) Apparently our economic woes are all down to the fact that we use paper money and not gold and silver coins as God intended. Trufax! But don't feel down when you hear bad economic news, because Visionary Women believe in the Leninist principle "the worse, the better" - let America go to the dogs ASAP, so the revolutionary cadres children trained in godly homes can take over and found a truly Christian nation. In other news, praying and reading the Bible are not good treatments for anxiety disorders. visionarywomanhood.com/pecan-pies-precious-metals-tough-economic-times/
  9. visionarywomanhood.com/history-quiz/ Hmm, I'm not a classics scholar, but some of that sounds more like Rome... and wasn't homosexuality always popular in ancient Greece, even in it's heyday? More: I'm confused. Isn't Greece supposed to be important in the formation of Western civilization the RasBotkins, etc. are supposed to be conserving? And aren't Greek ideas about the Logos, etc incorporated in the New Testament? Wasn't the renaissance guided by renewed interest in Greek and Roman learning? Weren't the Greek and Roman republics inspirational to America's Founding Founders? Just how much progress do these so-called visionaries want to undo? *Avgolemono is delicious, though I wouldn't want to swim in it.
  10. Kim Doebler ( The author of the character training book that recommends pinching toddlers hard to get them to listen) has a post about wifely submission up at Visionary Womanhood. If any of you have been lulled into thinking that patriarchy maybe isn't so bad, read it. visionarywomanhood.com/finding-unity-in-submission/ So basically, any opinion you have that differs from your husband's, is Satan-inspired will to power on your part. And god forbid that your children be exposed to the horror of two adults practicing conflict resolution! If you have well-honed skills in passive aggression, as most Christian women do, and if one's husband is, like many men, content to go along with his wife's preferences in domestic matters, the consequences of following this advice might not be horrendously, obviously bad. If you are married to a control freak who wants to dictate what you wear and schedule every minute of your time, this advice is very, very bad. A woman could find her identity nearly erased, and herself and her children opened up to horrific abuse. And it gives her no way out, no way to connect to her inner wisdom, only more reason to doubt herself. This is why we fight patriarchy.
  11. GenerationCedarchip

    Visionary contest

    I remember the snarking on Visionary Womanhood's guide to hosting Koolaid Klatsches (love the term, FloraPoste!) so I had to share this. I saw a link on one of my otherwise sane friend's FB pages and it looks like some fundie-lite she reads is giving away a copy. Hmm...I wonder how this would fit into the FJ Snark Library? The chance to read and review without actually paying for a copy tempts me. Here's the contest: makingajoyfulhome.blogspot.com
  12. So, I don't usually read fundie blogs, 'cause I'd rather let you guys do the work, and I'm a slacker like that. But lately I've been hooked on Visionary Womanhood- visionarywomanhood.com/ She has a review of a book, "The Faithful Parent" , which according to the Amazon reviews recommends beating 6 month old babies. Oh joy, another one! One of the related posts under this review is a post on the Tripps' "Instructing a Child's Heart", which yields this delightful quote from the book: Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Because of course it is completely impossible to let your child make choices where appropriate and to model good decision-making. Idiots. Also noted: -Robert Louis Stevenson as well as being the author of my favorite 2 line poem*, conspired to bring down Western Civilization with Hardy, Shaw, etc. -Liberals are just like Hitler, they hate real Christians. - 3 posts about how children not born to mothers like Kelly Crawford are doomed to a life without imagination or creativity. Written by Bria Crawford, and illustrated with images ripped off from other artists, without credit or acknowledgment of any kind. *The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings Edited to fix quotes
  13. visionarywomanhood.com/the-liberals-dominion-theology/ I'm a little confused I thought it was a guest post by Kelly GC but maybe not. anyway, among the pearls: ok so I make a difference between ideology and religion. It's in their benefit. O_o If now it's free for all, let's start tearing the Bible apart and putting the FBI on their asses...! MY head, it hurts Now maybe I lost something in history classes, but seemed to me they left England because of religion persecutions and thus would not establish one particular religion in the US. I thought there were Jews and other religions represented in the founding years? Sometimes I want to bump my head in the wall (but I don't) won't they ever understand that liberalism is the very reason they are allowed to have their little crazy speech, to force their daughters to stay at home without anyone coming and checking what they're doing? That because of the very loose liberalism that tolerates all speech even hate speech, people like westboro are allowed to protest, and people like them are allowed to get in front of abortion clinic and protest??? Get a clue!!!
  14. http://www.visionarywomanhoodDOTcom/i-am-a-seed/ "If I had been born a man, I would have spent my life studying, preaching, and writing. I would have aspired to advance the Kingdom of heaven by discipling the nations. What a glorious and fulfilling destiny! I wasn’t born a man. I am a seed." Well, I get that she tries to be all poetic and deep, but still... wtf? It sort of sounds like her only purpose is to spread her seeds - to create children. As a woman I find that to be degrading. Okay, I wasn't born a man but I was still born a human. I was not born to be a baby-making machine. Edit. to break the link
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