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  1. Funny, on Dr. Phil today is a young woman married to a pastor who believes women are weaker and should be subservient. The woman's parents hate him and say he's controlling her but they aren't much better - very overbearing, interfering and angry that when the pastor called her father to ask for her hand, the father said to wait, but they didn't. Dr. Phil called them out on it in a way that made me think of Jim Bob and Michelle. He said that they clearly didn't feel that their daughter is capable of choosing her own mate, resolving her marriage issues herself, make her own decisions or to know what's right for her. He said: "So, you don't have any confidence in how you raised your child?" since you don't trust them to be a smart and independant person who can deal with life. With all the rules and restrictions the Duggars have for their kids, including Jim Bob having to be the one to approve a potential mate, never being able to go anywhere on their own, always having to have an "Accountability Partner" to keep them from straying off the correct path (as seen by JB and M). Clearly Jim Bob and Michelle don't trust their kids to do the right thing without all the restrictions and oversight, and obviously have no confidence that they've raised them to be good people unless they (JB and M) restrict all the things they see and do. They clearly don't trust them to be able to restrain themselves from having sex if they are allowed to even hold hands before marriage, or for the girls to wear clothing that bares knees and shoulders...because then the men might not be able to control themselves. The ironic thing is that once married they are suddenly free. As if just getting married suddenly makes you mature and able to handle all the things in life that might be dangerous or amoral. Sometimes I think JB and M consider getting them to the altar as virgins is their only main goal. What else do they really do for the kids in terms of preparing them for the world?
  2. Alright, so the way it looks now you have Josh listening to contemporary Christian music, following Jimmy Fallon, wearing and allowing his kids to wear shorts. Jessa, I believe, has been listening to contemporary Christian as well, her skirts are getting shorter, she may not even be pregnant yet. Jill is branching out with better nutrition, working out in a gym that's not at home. All of the above attend a real church instead of the church of Jim Bob. Joy lifts weights, John David isn't courting, all the training seems to fail to beat the sensitive, gentle soul from Josiah. So, no matter how much they tried to ensure it never happened, their kids are becoming people who make real and thoughtful choices. I guess if you let your children raise themselves your control gradually starts to wane. So, are they going to wake up one day and say holy f**k we really dropped the ball on that one or will they slowly revert back to the pants wearing, pre marital kissing, real humans they were 30 years ago?
  3. Wohoo The DUggar kids can visit 75 pre-approved websites once big sis Jana types in the passcode. I know this has been discussed here somewhat. I think it is an attempt to make them look more 'liberal''. This is 75 sites out of the whole dang internet. I know i visit way more doing research for articles.
  4. What does it mean, exactly, to be under a father or husband or brother's authority? Are there specific things that the man in authority controls for the woman under his authority? Does the man have specific responsibilities? Is authority supposed to protect the woman in any way?
  5. There's a new video by TLC with the Duggar girls talking about relationships with boys blah blah and how bad romance novels are. In A love that Multiplies Michelle says romance novels are porn for women. And why do they refer to them as boys when talking of the older Duggar daughters? It is funny reading comments defending how the girls are lucky to have 'protection'. Anyway Lather rinse and repeat. We have heard this talk before.
  6. When the Duggar's go to China, an instructor asked Jim Bob for permission to court. Jim responded in wanting to fight. lol So, no suitors for the Duggar girls for awhile. Now, if someone can post a clip of it, since I don't have television anymore, that would be great.
  7. Hold on to your seats, Michelle has written more insightful and original parenting tips, this time on how to guide your kids into adulthood. Step one: never let them out of your sight. Step two: Never let them get exposed to ideas that are not approved by Michelle and Jom Bob Gothard er, God. Any ideas they are exposed to should be factually incorrect, this can include anything from creationism is true to King James translated the Bible all by himslef to everyone in the Middle East gets along all the time to people who get shingles cannot get chicken pox. Step three: give your son a car lot and house. Then, give him a man to run the business and a woman to run the house so he can focus on more important things like taking pictures of garbage cans. Step four: keep everyone else at home under the umbrella of protection until forever. Well, that would be the more accurate version. Michelle's spin is that you need to talk to your kids, encourage them to talk to you, and to never let them have a thought that you are not aware of. Pretty much like every other post on parenting. I wonder if they just keep the same posts and change a few key words to make it work for new topics.
  8. According to JB this is how many they are allowed access to... what are they likely to be? 1. MAKAZIVILLE
  9. FJismyheadship

    Duggars Iphone Internets!

    Well, the debate on whether or not the kids with IPhones have internet has just been proven. The Jonathan foreign exchange student posted this picture on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/jonotukangkare Is that HIS phone number he posted halfway down the page!?
  10. This has been bothering me for a while now. The Duggars now have four daughters who are legal adults. In the earlier seasons of the show, it was my understanding that none of the Duggar children were allowed outside the home without chaperones. They always had to go in pairs. However, this is no longer the case. Since John David started his towing business, we have seen him out and about on his own, with no chaperone. But I have not seen Jana, Jill, Jessa or Jinger out alone. Has anyone else? Is Jana allowed to make a quick trip to Walmart? Can Jill drive to Starbucks without one of her sisters or the camera crew in tow? I suspect it not permitted, and I find that highly disturbing. Not that John David has it so great, but at least he's allowed to leave the compound without being watched.
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