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Found 19 results

  1. laPapessaGiovanna

    UK elections

    Exit polls are chilling. Wtf UK?
  2. So, we now have an announcement that there will probably be a vote in the "latter half of next year". I hope that this time people aren't swayed by the dumbing down of Scotland as a country. We are not just some tiny, quaint little amusement park for the English upper classes, we have a long history of innovation and a world-class education system. Few of us voted for this mess, almost no one voted for the return of racism and the continuation of sectarianism. Literally no one is happy with imposed poverty coming from Westminster. I hope we don't fuck it up this time around.
  3. Wow. How's that acting like the second coming of Thatcher working out for you, Ms. May?
  4. http://www.bbc.com/news/health-40554462 I didn't see a thread on the case of Charlie Gard. Long story short, he's 10mo and in the end stages of a terminal genetic disease. There is an experimental treatment in the US that could have "up to a 10% chance of improvement" and his parents are fighting the British medical system to be able to transport him for the treatment. Every single doctor so far has agreed that there is no point in continuing treatment and he needs to be allowed to pass peacefully. This is being turned into a "parent's rights" issue. People are crying that he has been "sentenced to death" because the parents aren't being given the chance to essentially torture their son for a long shot. The poor boy is certainly in misery. Even if the treatment will extend his life some, he has severe brain damage and will not recover enough to have a meaningful quality of life. He needs to be allowed to pass in peace. It's Jahi McMath all over again.
  5. George Bush's lap dog can't be prosecuted for his role in getting the Iraq War going;
  6. So now in the UK we have these guys gaining a bit of control: https://www.ft.com/content/0fa04ca8-4d07-11e7-a3f4-c742b9791d43?segmentId=e3ff42ab-4570-8078-dd83-b13975779f7a&segment_detail=Story9UKElectionsUKwhatdupwants Due to the fact that the Tories fucked up so badly and overestimated their ability to retain a majority they have now had to team up with the DUP to stay in power. Most people who are not from Northern Ireland have had to google them over the past 24 hours. I knew a bit about them from some of the guys I went to uni with. They have some pretty awful and some downright whack beliefs. They want to get rid of marriage equality for a start but it's also down to them that thousands of Northern Irish women have to pay for plane tickets over to the mainland for an abortion as the only remaining place it's illegal is in NI. They have ties to the Orange Order, a sectarian group that bullies and persecutes Catholics by holiding disgusting "marches" through highly catholic areas to indimidate them. Apparently they also think line dancing is sinful. As soon as I can I am running so fast away from this country.
  7. EmainMacha


    Is anyone else watching Jamestown on Sky? Not sure if it's being broadcast outside of the UK.
  8. Bushes of Love

    Amazing UK Politics Video

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5kcaga_jeremy-bernard-corbyn-what-was-done_fun This is a very tongue in cheek video, I'm a Corbyn supporter so I think it's hysterical, but if you want to understand the last 100 years of British politics it's worth a watch.
  9. unsafetydancer

    848 CRY

    Just wanted to share my appreciation of this thing, apparently I'm not the only person in my workplace aware of it. One of the most famous cars in the world
  10. Not sure whether to post this here or on the misogyny thread but here is a really good article on the New Statesman about the latest awful policy to come out of Westminster where women will now have to prove that one of their kids was the product of sexual assault if they have more than 2 kids and need to claim child tax credit. Never mind the fact that the 2 child maximum will push thousands of already existing children that little bit further into poverty or that people should be allowed to eat regardless of the circumstances of their birth; no the Nasty Party want to punish women for having sex while poor and allow that punishment to spill over onto their kids. Seriously, Fuck This! http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/08/tory-rape-exception-tax-credits-worse-you-thought
  11. unsafetydancer

    The Daily Fail is at it again!

    The charming folks at the Daily Mail have been paying attention to the things that are going on in UK politics. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/03/28/british-daily-mail-slammed-for-sexist-legs-it-headline-on-brexit-eve.html I suppose I shouldn't expect anything else from these guys now but come on!
  12. So, today the Scottish Parliament voted to, once again, hold a referendum on leaving the UK. Given that all their promises last time round (guaranteed EU membership, more devolution etc) have been proven to be a load of bollocks most people could see this coming. Of course Westminster is going to try and delay this with the usual crap arguments. They want to keep us in as long as they can, so have been stalling the Scottish politicians but really I think they will fail. Given that several members of the Tories are on record saying they want to undo devolution completely, that Scotland voted to stay in the EU and that there seems to be an exponential rise in fascist nutters coming from the South I think that more people will be involved this time. Watching the news coverage just now is interesting. The UK government set a precedent with the EU referendum which was supposed to be an "advisory" poll but not a binding vote and have now taken it and run a million miles with it. They can try and say that we shouldn't have a vote but really we can just have another "advisory" vote and do exactly what they did with Brexit. To be honest listening to a lot of the absolute cockwombles who caused Brexit over the last few weeks I can't see how anyone doesn't want to distance themselves from all this. I guess I live in interesting times.
  13. I was wondering what sort of news about the UK you guys accross the pond are getting. It might be interesting to know, given that over here we've all been watching what's going on with the mouldy wotsit that is Trump but we're also trying to deal with our esteemed leaders' plan to turn us into a tax haven for their super rich buddies. I'm interested to know how the American news reports on the UK and what people think, for instance, of the horrible fact that Theresa May seems to be cosying up to Trump. Any thoughts guys?
  14. Spotted this. Sounds like not only were the staff at the schools encouraged to spank the kids but most of the staff weren't even qualified. The students got a SOTDRT type education with a healthy dose of prejudice thrown in there for good measure. It's crazy to think that stuff like this has been going on for almost 3 decades without anyone asking any questions. I think this is the reason I'm not a big fan of the idea of faith schools. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/accelerated-christian-education-europe-ofsted-dfe-inspection-report-a7502616.html
  15. Inspired by thread-drift elsewhere, this is a place to discuss our experiences of fundamentalist and very conservative Christianity in the UK. Please share your personal experiences but don't hesitate to be vague about details if you are afraid of accidentally doxxing yourself and others. It's a small dataset that we are discussing here! Copied over from the other thread:
  16. Bushes of Love

    The Chilcot Report

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36712735 So after many years of investigation, the Chilcot report into the British invasion of Iraq in 2003 has been published. It turns out that Tony Blair wasn't entirely justified in allowing the UK to join the Iraq war and he hadn't exhausted all the peaceful options. As someone who marched in protest of the war, it's really disheartening to see that our protests were right and we weren't listened to. I'm normally a poster who likes to make pithy, witty comments but not this time....I'm bloody furious.
  17. Not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere. Please feel to merge if so. Labour MP Jo Cox was killed in a shooting and stabbing attack on the street in her constituency today. A 52 year old man gas been arrested. Mitives unclear currently I think. The 41 year old mum of 2 was a part of the Remain campaign. Both the leave and remain campaign have suspended canvassing for the moment. Those poor kids. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-36550304
  18. moodygirl86

    UK racist gets her comeuppance

    http://metro.co.uk/2015/12/06/man-tries-to-return-womans-dropped-money-gets-rebuffed-buys-himself-lunch-5548409/ Full props to Joe for honesty. This woman was very rude but I'd definitely say she paid for it - literally! I hope she reads this story and kicks herself.
  19. So I am LAF-ing at LAF's post by batshit crazy British blogger Robin Phillips* in opposition to the anticipated new rules providing that first-born children born to British royalty shall have precedence in the line of succession to the throne over their younger siblings regardless of sex. He claims that, see, not everyone is literally "created equal." We are not all equally strong or smart or good. And there are clearly categories of people, such as children, who are not equal in capability to the rest of us and need to be ruled and led. Therefore, discimination in itself is not bad, only unjustifiable discrimination. So why is privileging men over women in the succession to the British monarchy justifiable? Well, Robin doesn't answer that question. He merely declares that the "burden of proof" is on those who are opposed to discrimination. Just because it is, I guess. I think the incredibly high proportion of amazing female rulers would be enough to sustain that burden of proof. In Britain, you have Elizabeth I, the conscientious Queen Anne, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. At worst, you have competence (Queen Anne), at best you have brilliance to match or exceed the best of the male monarchs (Elizabeth I). In other countries, there are all sorts of other examples -- Catherine the Great, the Empress Maria Theresa, and Queen Joanna of Naples all come to mind. Yet, why do I have the crazy feeling that this "proof" won't satisfy our friend, Mr. Phillips? ********************************** Mr. Phillips also makes a bizarre argument opposed to the supposed feminist notion that one's worth derives from one's role in life. He claims that feminists buy into the notion that women are worth less if they do not enjoy leadership roles in society. I would say that it is really the other way around: Because women are equal in value to men, women should have the same right to rule and influence their own lives, homes, and society. I would also that feminism recognizes the fact that society does not view those who fulfill lesser roles as equal in value. Mr. Phillips is basically saying that because women are equal in value to men pursuant to his theology, it therefore shouldn't matter to us if we are consigned to a subordinate role. I always come back to the question of why the hell does it matter if I am "equal in value" to men in some abstract way if this equality of value does not translate into equal rights and dignity under the law? ************************************* Naturally, the Thoughtless Housewife has to weigh in as well. In her view, it is obviously grossly unfair to allow a sister to strip her brother of his obviously superior right to the throne. In her view, boys and men are obviously more inclined and better suited to leadership than us females. How do we know this? Because the Housewife said so! (I am sure if one raises the examples of brilliant female monarchs, the Housewife would categorize these as not "normal" women. Apparently, any woman who does not fit her views of proper femininity is not a "normal" woman -- even if that's many or most women! That's awfully convenient for her argument, methinks.) *Actually I am not sure that he is British. I even found a video of him talking and I am still not sure if he is British or American. But according to his bio, he was educated in the UK, even though he is currently in Washington State working for the Chuck Colson Institute or some batshit place associated ith Colson. Also he has red hair. Also he started some internet site called the Alfred the Great Society. So he must be British. And besides, we Americans have way too many batshit crazy fundies as it is.
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