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  1. Apple has decided to discontinue the iPod Touch I thought it had been discontinued some time ago. I had one about 13 years ago when I realized the BlackBerry Storm I had gotten a couple months before just wasn't going to cut it for music, video, and so on. I used it a lot over the next couple years and used the BlackBerry mainly for phone and stuff that needed an internet connection and wi-fi wasn't available. Yes, the iPhone was available at the time I got the BlackBerry but that was back in the days when only AT&T was the only carrier and before Android devices started appearing. I wasn't about to get an AT&T iPhone since the coverage wasn't all that good in Iowa back then. Once Verizon was able to start selling the iPhone 4 and I was eligible to upgrade I went and got the iPhone 4 and it largely replaced both my Touch and BlackBerry then as my primary go-to devices. I think both devices are still sitting around my parent's place. I'm not sure if they'd even power up now but they're still there.
  2. Science! Insert various carrier signal strength jokes here.
  3. Not much about this in the western news, but in the world of computer game play this is more significant than Deep Blue beating Kasperov. While computers took over the chess title 20 years ago, up until a year ago there hasn't been a computer program that could challenge even a low ranking pro Go player. Chess and similar games were beaten by glorified calculators- humans told them what to look for in a game and then the computer simply analyzed millions of positions a second. Once computers got fast enough to see far enough ahead humans couldn't beat them. Go can't be beaten this way- brute force search would take more than the lifetime of the universe. AlphaGo can do some brute force for small areas, but mostly it uses a combination of techniques that makes it a learning network. People fed it tens of millions of positions from high level games and then had it try to mimic them, then they started it playing itself. It rather shocked everyone when it beat a low ranking pro 5-0 last fall. It's just won a best of 5 series 3-0 against Lee Sedol, 18-time world champion. I'm nowhere near a good enough player to follow play at that level, but in the 3rd game last night it was obvious Lee was in real trouble early. It more or less toyed with him- AlphaGo doesn't care if it wins by 1 point or 20, so when it sees that it will win even by a small score it starts playing less aggressive "slack" moves, and it was doing that by mid-game. They'll play out the last two games but at this point I suspect most serious players don't think Lee (or any human) can take a game from AlphaGo. While there's no way someone of Lee's rank would do this in public, Go has a built in handicapping system so weaker players can play stronger ones on an even footing and it might be interesting to see just how many handicap stones Lee or other top humans would need to actually beat it. See https://gogameguru.com/alphago-shows-true-strength-3rd-victory-lee-sedol/ for some actual game analysis I can't decide if I'm more excited about advances in AI or bummed that there's basically no mental game left where humans can win.
  4. I am attempting to (again) apply for medicaid for my mother. Really, such a joyous (read that with dripping, oozing sarcasm) experience. This is a very messed up online process involving the broke-ass state of Kansas. At the moment my conundrum is what the hell they mean with the Social Security Income questions. They ask for a social security benefit amount oh and for Supplemental Social Security. Ummmmm I don't know. She'll by 84 in a few weeks and she gets a check. One section, three or four questions and two boxes for amounts. And can I call a number - oh sure. Getting someone to pick up the phone and answer is a different issue. And my question answer person at Mom's facility isn't answering (day 2 on that front). I am a Degreed (!!!) Accountant and this is enough to make by scream or cry - or both at any given moment. I can only imagine what mere mortals (meaning the math phobic) go through with this stuff. I did finally find the super secret spot to put the fees for keeping mom in a facility. By the way - if you have an inkling of what they mean with the SSI stuff - please reply. (I need help, I'm confused - and it's a short trip, even with a boot on my foot)
  5. I'm not a huge Chick-fil-A fan, but their latest promo that some locations are doing is kinda cool. Free ice cream if you lock your cell phones up in a "coop" while you eat your meal: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/entertainment/the-scene/Chick-fil-A-Chicken-Coop-Challenge-370858981.html I hope they have to shut them down before locking them in the coop.
  6. Witsec7

    Ipod shuffles.

    I know it's all an algorithm but sometimes my shuffle gives me one artist with frequency during a shuffle. At first I thought it was based on the frequency I play certain albums, but today I've gotten a higher than normal rotation of Elvis Costello and I had not played any of his albums recently. Now I loves me my Elvis C and everything played was all from a single album. Anyone have a clue?
  7. http://thehairpin.com/2012/07/texts-from-jane-eyre http://thehairpin.com/2012/06/texts-from-scarlett-ohara
  8. This clunky overpriced thing is such a joke. But since the bible comes in so many versions on it I can't see fundies using it. foxnews.com/tech/2012/07/11/holy-ipad-slayer-company-releases-worlds-first-christian-tablet/
  9. Do any of the Duggars other than Josh have Facebook? I remember ages ago them putting on their site that none did but since then they've travelled a lot, made friends who don't live nearby and have a lot more reason to want to be on there. Also, do any of them have mobile phones? It strikes me that if they don't (again excl. Josh) have that or FB then they've basically got no means of communication not directly supervised by Boob and Mullet. Despite 4 of them being 18+... I know they have a Mac in the main room but I suppose that's the only access in the house to the evil internets. I wonder how many millions of parental controls are on there to stop anything innappropriate being revealed.
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