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Found 4 results

  1. BlackberryGirl

    Craptastic week or so

    Adding to the stuff I said in the intro, I have had a migraine for almost 72 hours. Aleve didn’t help, I took tramodol, and that sort of helped a little. I can’t take anything with codiene, anaphylaxis...tramodol makes me nauseated and shakey. Since I can’t vomit, i have dry heaves throughout the day. I don’ get migraines much anymore, since menopause, but when I do ... fml. Also I am generally a positive upbeat person, not these last few days. AND I can’ t sleeep worth shit.
  2. Like I wrote in my status update, I got sick on Friday evening. A really horrible cold. Because my immune system does not do well at all when I'm stressed and the whole drivers license thing makes me incredibly stressed. I got not one, but two cold sores inside my lips on Tuesday. My upper lip is still twice the size of normal. The last time I had more than one cold sore at the same time was over ten years ago. (Also in a very stressful situation.) I'm going to class tonight and next week Monday (Thursday is a holiday) too, but no driving next week. I need to get better first. This will be so incredibly embarrassing with my lip looking like a failed beauty operation and my social anxiety when it comes to young people. Living in an Asian country right now would be great. Being able to wear a mask to hide it all. (That reminds me, that I need to tell my instructor, that I'm not going to do the lessons with other students he usually does at the end before the final exam. I can't drive with teenagers sitting behind me. I couldn't care less about old people though.) So, next week is more normal life. I need to support my Mum at work at the end of the week and we have a meeting with the new nursing service for my great uncle. The old one goes out of service in July. At least that shows everyone in real life that it really is hard for me doing this. I'm not telling lies.
  3. HerNameIsBuffy

    The small and not so small stuff...

    I'm okay in a crisis. What will break me immediately is the small stuff. I'm sure it goes without saying that last week nothing mattered to me except my son's medical crisis. Heck I let my daughter borrow ,u car for two days and forgot about it which ...if you knew how attached I am to my car you'd know how significant that is. mini-Buffy is another one who deserves not only a diamond house but her own private island filled with animals and happiness ...she was so amazing I don't know what I'd have done without her. So...the small stuff... Last Wednesday was to be my last day at work. I notified them of course, but I obviously didn't make it in. Text after text badgering me about not calling to speak to the owner personally if I'm not coming back after all these years, etc., they deserve the courtesy of a conversation. They were in the text where I notified work I wasn't coming in and why. That I was hounded for being rude about not giving a fuck about how they felt about my missing my last three days is sociopathic to me. They then needed all my stuff back immediately so my husband took time to drive down with everything - phone, keys, docks, credit card, etc. keep in mind I've worked there for almost a decade and they've met my son on numerous occasions, Hounded me for not returning the iPad. The one that was not work issue and was given to me specicifxally as a bonus/thank you by one owner who told me not to tell the other one. I replied why it wasn't returned but fine - will send it back fed ex in next few days but not that day as my husband was needed at the hospital with us and wasn't going home until late. More texts about they're all concerned about my son but they need to get things wrapped up. because multimillionaires couldn't wait another couple days to get back a 2 year old iPad with a cracked screen which legally is mine to keep but they don't remember that conversation and I don't give a fuck. And I was to call and discuss it - yeah - every fucking text ended with 'I really think you should call her personally.' This woman has rarely treated me with anything but contempt in the last 18 months or so and I don't need it. Not to mention stress of starting a new job Monday. When new boss called and I told him I couldn't talk as I was in hospital with my son he said he totally understood and just to let him know if I need to change my start date. Then didn't bother me about anything else. So...hopefull indication that I might be working for humans and not narscisistic monsters this time? im not usually this bitter and can typically see good with bad but honestly - it was all I could do to hold it together for my son and I did not have it in me to go Into the hall and have some stupid conversation to assuage the ego of my former boss. It's not like I was refusing to out of spite - I couldn't. I didn't have it in me. I felt like I was getting beaten up by text and couldn't face it. thing was I planned in sending an email when he was okay and dust settled to say goodbye and sorry for the unavoidable early exit but now I have nothing civil to say. (I gave 2 months notice and extended twice at their request. But apparently those last 3 days an an old iPad were critical for some reason known only to the voices in their heads.) I was able to hold it together for my son, dealt with my former in laws and ex like a champ (they were fine - but it's always awkward), but this had me so angry I didn't know how to process it. Why care? I don't give a shit - I dont work there anymore and my final check cleared so why does it matter? It doesn't but that anger was from somewhere. Just like they thought their trivial bullshit even merited a conversation when my son was sick? Years of having to walk on eggshells, being told how the person who only took one day off when their spouse had a leg amputated was a hell of an employee and so dedicated, like employees aren't even real people and how dare we put put families ahead of their whims. Due to my own oddly workaholic nature at times I've given so much of my own time - unpaid - over the years that I couldn't begin to calculate it. I cared about doing a good job and going above and beyond. When I gave notice one boss said that when I'm on my game there is no one better. They wanted me to get over my burn out and stay...but the thing is I got over my burn out the second I gave notice. I was energized again in giving a clean transition and moving forward ...if I'd stayed in the environment I'd have remained broken and who know how long until I wouldn't have been able to bounce back? I joked about having been in an abusive relationship with my emolyer and finally found the strength to leave...(not to anyone there) and you know...it does feel like that. Treated me like a worthless piece of shit much of the time, but angry that I dared leave. My perspective. And when I was presented with crazy ass complaints about not smiling enough or pretending not to fix stuff on purpose because I don't like them (yeah, because prolonging the tech support super fun for me) I woudl refute it. The response was always "that's my perspective and it's your job to manage people's perspective of you." Well, this is my perspective - as hard as last week was and it was...at least I didn't have to worry about losing my job as I would have if I'd still been working there. Guess I purged that abscess.
  4. lorialexander.blogspot.com/2014/09/most-stressed-out-in-society.html Women 45-64 are the most stressed, and it's due to feminism giving us choices. Yeah, if we had no choices, then we could just sit around whining about how life sucks instead of having to accept that we have choices that contribute to the state of our lives. Lori got to experience certain things in her life, thanks to feminism. So did Michelle D, among others. So how is feminism so evil? My reply obviously isn't going to be posted. {L_MESSAGE_HIDDEN}: I know women who work, and who aren't stressed like that. I know stay-at-home mothers who are stressed. Feminism means having the right to choose whether we stay home or work outside the home. Just staying home with the kids while Husband works doesn't mean a woman, even a devoutly Christian woman, will be happy and unstressed. I don't get into my family life with many people online, but I am an at-home mother starting homeschooling with my kids. One of them is special needs. My husband and I would like more kids, but that's not possible now. He works outside the home. I run a business from the office in our home. I wouldn't be able to stay home and earn the money we need to make all the ends meet if I hadn't worked outside the home for years first, learning new skills and building the connection I need. My life is pretty swell as an at-home mom, but this doesn't mean this is the right path for everyone. A good friend is an at-home mom of one. Her husband has a job at a store that sees a seasonal drop in patronage that started a month ago. Along with his cut in hours, their rent just went up. In the best of months, this god-fearing family barely scrapes by, and that's with other friends and I anonymously sending them grocery gift cards. Their church has a lot of poor people, which means there's not much help to be had. They've tried trusting that her staying at home and their faithfulness could mean God will provide, but they can't pay their rent next month, and they're about to lose their home, them and their 7 kids. In my family, both of my parents worked. They had to. This doesn't mean no one did the cooking and the cleaning. They had to communicate well, and cooperate. I grew up learning how to help with these things, and I can cook a killer roast for it, as well as BBQ a mean tri-tip. I also learned from the example they set of having very clear very open communication, and this has made my own relationship stronger, because I apply what I saw. If my mom had stayed home, we would have been dirt-poor instead of having the money to be comfortable and even take family trips. Could you explain how the working-outside-the-home mother's family was happy and healthy with kids who grew up well, the non-working at-home mother's family is struggling and facing homelessness, and the lone non-believer is an at-home mother running a business with a very happy family? Feminism is about having choices. If you want to be a stay-at-home mother, you still have that choice. If you want to work outside the home, you have that choice. Feminism doesn't mean you must leave your kids to go to work. It means you get to choose.