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Found 5 results

  1. This morning I was having trouble falling back asleep and was cold so I put a second comforter over the first one. Didn't have any trouble sleeping after that and felt nice and warm then. It's got me wondering if there's something to weighted blankets after all.
  2. HerNameIsBuffy

    My Lost Day

    I woke up this am feeling kind of crappy. Sore throat, groggy...remnants of a lousy night's sleep. I haven't been sleeping well lately due to some pain. Not significant enough to complain about, but too much to sleep sometimes. Anyway... So I get dressed, update my to-do list, get a couple things done, and decide to do a session of guided meditation which I've been using the last several months which usually really helps. I lie down and begin, planning 20 minutes and will get up and get back to my day. One of my cats crawls onto my chest, kisses me on both cheeks, and settles down in my arms. I wake up almost 3 hours later. I get up planning to get on with my day...I toss in a load of laundry and I'm trying to get my thoughts in a more positive place so I give the meditation another shot... I woke up 5 hours later at almost 8:00 pm. I couldn't find my phone anywhere, tore the house apart...finally found it in the pantry when I gave up and started dinner. Idk what the hell happened, I was sleeping the sleep of the drugged (none were involved.) My favorite jammies are laid out upon my bed waiting for me after dinner. That's usually an end of day treat but having slept all day I don't really deserve their coziness.
  3. BlackberryGirl

    Night ninjas

    Whoa! Last night was weird as hell. At some point within minutes of me falling asleep, Mark took my hand and kissed it, in his sleep, and I went through the ceiling. I was startled awake and somehow thought a heyena had licked my arm. Then a couple hours later I surfaced to see a ninja in full black costume jump over the bed and crouch by the window. Fuck. Obviously I didn't go back to sleep. I had taken tramadol twice yesterday for the migraine and arthritis. I generally average 2 tramadol every 6 months or so..and its the lowest dose. Apparently some lucky people have halucinations as a side effect to tramadol. I need some kind of pain relief. Codiene is absolutely out. At least the headache is gone and I feel generally better. Stil need to make dr Appointment, they are closed today, I'll call tomorrow.
  4. crazydaffodil

    Sleep Problems

    I've never heard this one before... Some people must never sleep then because I'm sure someone is dreaming about them regularly. I suppose if you really wanted to get back at somebody and keep them from sleeping, you could train yourself to dream about them. Or maybe it's just because when you do fall asleep, this is what YOU dream of! Just sayin...
  5. HerNameIsBuffy

    Naughty Kitty...Why I'll Never Sleep Again

    About a year ago I discovered that ASMR videos and sleep phones cured by problems sleeping. No meds, no warm milk...nothing knocks me out as fast as a go to ASMR vid (it's the weirdest thing about me.) Yeasteday I discovered that one of my cats hates me and decided to sabotage my attempts to sleep by biting through the cord of my sleep phones... so the soft headphones which had become my idol (far more than Teri loves Pepsi) are no longer working. Actually working just enough to be a tease because the second the cord moves it's gone. Another night with ear buds and they are still sore from last night. My big puffy ear phones apparently disappeared. Either into the abyss with one of the kids over the years or someone broke in and took them in a very specific burglary. Of the possible culprits these are the most like suspects. I'd put out an APB but as they are indoor cats it would be very limited in scope and I can draw them out by opening a can of wet food. Meet the perps #1 and #2. Aka Griffin and Sham-Wow.
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