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  1. I have been a lurker for a couple of weeks and I noticed someone mentioned about Josh courting someone before? What's up with that? Do we know who it was? alysee
  2. I have known this for years and I kept it to myself because the person who told me worked for Harpo productions and I was sworn to secrecy. This person lost their job when the Oprah talk show went off the air. I think the time has come to spill the beans. Enough time has passed that no one can trace it back to her. The Duggars went to Chicago to film an episode that never aired. She asked the hard hitting questions and was rebuffed every time with replies like "we can't answer that", "we don't want to tarnish our image", "to answer that might lead others to stray." Oprah did offer full college scholarships to all the children, provided they had either an official GED if they were old enough/had progressed enough to pass a GED, and that all the other children go to public school immediately and stay in until graduation. Jim Bob wanted to take the money and use it to get them apprenticeships. Oprah said no. Jim Bob and Michelle refused the conditions placed on her original offer, so the offer was withdrawn. The only thing that was answered was the fact that Jim Bob blamed Josh for losing the election. Josh was caught practicing Onanism- masturbating. It was also thought that Josh had fornicated with a girl, not the one to which he was he was betrothed. There was a dowry involved, so Jim Bob was probably pissed he missed out on the addition to his bottom line. I kind of wondered at the time why he would tell this and not answer the other questions. But since he threw him dead father under the bus, I don't doubt he threw Josh under the bus instead of taking any of the blame on the fact he just didn't get enough votes. I got this explanation from someone who broke their confidentiality agreement by telling me. She called me at lunch on her cellphone and I had given her my cellphone number. We were both aware it could have cost both of us our jobs if it got out she was giving me confidential information. I referred her to free jinger if she wanted to know more. I don't know if she ever came here. I don't have a way to contact her now. Believe it or not, this is what I was told. I have been busting at the buttons to tell it, but kept it under my hat. In one of the other threads, people are doubting it ever happened. According to my source, it did. The details fit right in with Jim Bob and Michelle wanting to keep their children under their control and "keeping their brand pure."
  3. Look, the only stuff I know about the Duggars, I read here. I was asked by a friend today if I'd heard that Smuggar had sexually abused his younger sisters. I have no clue about any additional details or anything else, but this is what someone believed. I answered and said that I never heard anything remotely like this. I'm no fan, and I think the whole show has about as much respectability as a circus side show, but I'd never heard that any of those kids had been in any way inappropriate with one another. Anyone else heard this or know what it references if there is something taken out of context?
  4. This is my first post on the new board! Anyway, I never thought I would be sympathetic to Smuggar, but two points on different threads are making me feel sympathy for him. Now I kind of want to free Josh too. First, I wonder if he has hypothyroidism. I have that disease and it's relatively easy to manage, but if you don't stay on top of it, it will drain your soul. We all like to snark about his weight gain, but a change in weight that fast is not normal, and I think there's more going on than just too much chicken-etti. He's young enough that his weight should be more stable and he should have a high metabolism. When my thyroid is low, I gain weight so easily, but when it is under control, whether I eat healthy or binge on junk food, my weight still stays steady. This could also explain why he seems so lazy. Or he could have depression, which can also cause rapid weight gain and fatigue. What really concerns me is that he will delay getting help because he'll feel guilty and think that if prays hard enough, God will make his medical problems disappear. I almost hope it is hypothyroidism because if it's depression it will never be taken seriously among fundies. I know fundie women are pressured to put on a fake smile, but the men probably feel the same kind of pressure to a lesser extent. If he's depressed, he won't be able to admit that his lifestyle is maybe less than perfect. Second, there's the "sin in the camp" incident. Apparently he was engaged at a very young age, 15 or 16, and then the girl's father lost an election and blamed it on Josh. There is speculation that he was even sent to a camp to get him back under the fundie thumb. That's a lot for a teenager to handle. He is the oldest of 19 and that can't be easy. Even though the girls do more work, I think he must have done at least some chores before his sisters were old enough to completely take over. Maybe his smugness is just a front for something worse going on. Now I'm hoping that he'll break away from the cult and be a leading example for all his siblings. I would love to see a tell-all book about the "sin in the camp" incident specifically. Can you imagine being a teenager and being blamed for an adult's failure because of some minor infraction?